How to make the right lighting for your kitchen?

You agree that it is impossible to create a functional and harmonious interior in your kitchen without a well thought out lighting. After all, without any doubt there we can safely say that this is the room in your home is warm and family area. She is preparing delicious food, all they gather around the large family table, but for the lack of dining takes a meal.

Exactly because of this reason, kitchen lighting - is one of the most important creatures of comfort and at the same time functional environment in which certainly is convenient to prepare and perform all the other various chores.

Everything designers are advised to we create in this part of the house the instant lighting, which will consist of several different lighting devices.

Here, for example, for general lighting suitable artificial light sources, including a huge popular fluorescent lamps and chandeliers naturally.

But as indirect lighting in your kitchen it is not sufficient to complete the work with here attribute as tiles, sink, cutting table and dining area, it is best to think about the direction lighting. In this case, just the perfect solution to this problem will be here such lighting devices, which are built into the facades of kitchen furniture or spotlights, which are embedded in the ceiling.

Here in a cottage village, and it is in the house in which there is a huge kitchen, such lamps are extremely popular. It is also worth noting that h lights for furniture is very convenient and practical solution. Firstly they can be used to allocate or to supplement the main kitchen light and make it much brighter. Secondly, it is still quite convenient in the evening or night. when you leave the kitchen to drink a glass of water, thus excluding the main light.

What are the sources of light is best to choose?

It should be noted that choosing the chandelier for the kitchen, most of doubt between the choice of fluorescent and halogen sources. Fluorescent lamps differ from all other low-power, which is five times less than the others. At the same time all their life Shelf eight times longer.

But halogen lamps are durable and miniature. With low power consumption, they have the ability to work for six thousand hours. In addition, they provide bright illumination of the house.

Anyway, no matter what lighting would you choose for your home, the most important - is that it is bright and uniform throughout the kitchen.

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