Oven, main bath

The furnace in the bath needed to maintain the desired temperature and the vapor. The furnace is an inherent part of traditional Russian bath.

In the conventional bath is used Russian stove or oven-stove. In the construction of the furnace it is very important to take care of its correct laying. Typically, the oven-stove constructed of fired bricks precise geometrical forms. Frost resistance of a brick should be at least 30 cycles of freezing and thawing. Silicate brick and crevice use is undesirable, as they quickly break down under constant heating.

Oven-stove It is continuous and periodical. The first type is characterized by small thickness and masonry using rounded stones. The second form differs large thickness masonry, which prevents overheating of the walls.

as a fuel for the stove is best to use wood as their heat can be easily adjusted.

Russian oven except use and aesthetic appearance, to our fellow also possesses great cultural significance. The main element is a conventional Russian furnace crucible. Crucible - a vaulted camera which is capable of maintaining a high temperature for a long time.

The oven must be erected in such a way that the hot air can circulate in it, because otherwise stale air can cause discomfort. Use of metal furnace is undesirable because there is a risk of fire or overheating.

To ensure the safety of stay of a few factors to take into account the bath: the floor in front of a furnace firebox must be covered with a layer insulation distance between the furnace and firebox should be at least 1.5 meters, this space must be made of non-flammable materials.

The furnace for the bath and you can build your own, but if you have no experience in this business, then it is better to entrust the work of a professional. This wizard provides calculation furnace size and configuration, are properly routed and reliably protect the structure. As a result, without the hassle you get the right structures and durable oven.

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