Tips on facing a decorative stone with their hands

Before starting any tiling, including with decorative stone cladding, it is necessary to prepare the surface.

If the base material is wood, it must be covered with a layer of waterproofing material, then hang plaster mesh and apply the solution about 1 cm thick. If the base acts as tiles, the decorative stone can be ordered with pre-stowing details that provide ease of installation of artificial ornamental stone.

If the foundation acts as brick or concrete walls, it must be pre-plastered. For masonry stone on the painted surface must be blanched or on their surface, apply notches and align them plaster solution.

Absolutely, in all cases before applying plaster stone should dry thoroughly.

In order to assess the extent of robots, lay stones near the work surface. So you will have a complete idea about the appearance of the finished surface.

For a more beautiful pattern necessary to alternate the stones of various sizes and shades. To do this, use the stones from different boxes.

Decorative stone tile placed on a cement-sand mortar. To improve the adhesion of adhesives can be used dry mixes for tile.

Laying begins with angular elements. On the back of the tile is applied solution was about 1.5 cm thick. In the process of laying the tiles on a surface can get a solution. It must be removed after it dries out a bit with a dry cloth.

Laying the tiles can be carried out with jointing and seamless.

Seamless stacking means stacking of separate elements from below upwards, whereby the upper press on lower rows.

Grouting is carried out at a maximum width of 10 mm and is a very important step in the installation of decorative artificial stone.

Before use, the surface is necessary to wait for 1 to 7 days. It must cover with plastic wrap and allow the solution to gain the necessary strength.

To remove dust from the surface of the finished coating used vinyl brush.

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