Terraced deck board (decking) - types and uses

Terraced deck board (decking) - a great way to give the territory near the cottage or the greenhouse well-groomed, neat appearance, besides, decking coating helps keep the area clean, it is convenient to wash and polish.

Decking It can be wooden, plastic and wood-plastic. Each of the materials has its own features and disadvantages, but the development in the production and design of new models with the use of new materials do not stand still.

The tree - an environmentally friendly material, which creates a microclimate and comfort in the use. Wood, in contrast to the plastic is heated to a lesser extent, therefore, for the finishing of the territory near the country house is better to give preference this material: high quality finished and machined boards will not splinter legs, the surface will be pleasantly warm, even in the hot summer days.

Wood used for such a decking highest quality - pine, cedar, oak, material is thoroughly impregnation and handling. Tar drop is impregnation itself: wood is treated with a special protective structure that protects against exposure to moisture, microorganisms, and insects.


impregnation containing arsenic are used in Russia, which can often affect the health enthusiasts to stay in the country. American decking impregnated with copper-bearing materials, but rather allergens. Also of note is the need for frequent painting surface, as modern paint compositions do not provide a durable wood care and protection.

plastic decking perfect for finishing areas exposed to moisture - shower, basin, berths. Such decking made of hypoallergenic high quality plastics, is resistant to damage, does not require a special coating compositions and polishing. Cleaning can be carried out by conventional detergents. Minus - the high price.

Manufacturers have tried to reduce the cost of the finished product and the plastic began to add wood flour. Wood-polymer decking - excellent value for money: it combines safety and durability plastic decking, its price is different democratic, since it is from wood waste production and polyethylene.

Appearance of the decking differs a variety of colors and surfaces (smooth, matte, corrugated), and the warranty period ranges from 10 to 50 years. However, some US manufacturers specify a term ┬źlifetime warranty┬╗, that is a lifetime warranty on the product.

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