How best to arrange the living room: designer tips

It is believed that the living room is one of the main rooms in the house. This is explained by the fact that it is in this room, we meet guests, rest from the daily bustle, spend our free time, communicate with loved ones. The living room is considered to be the front room, which reflects the personality, character, interests and physical capabilities of their owners. Before you decide what the result should be your living room, you need to carefully consider several key points.

Those who are in the first place puts the warmth and comfort, it is important to arrange the furniture in the living room, with sofas and chairs should create constructive convenience. If you want the center of the living room was a home theater, you need to determine the place of installation so that it will not cause light from the windows, and the furniture was located around this "center". Most often, these two features are combined, because not every family can dedicate to the home theater a separate room, and near a television, more often, and going to all the family members in weekend.

That is why in recent years increasingly popular mobile furniture, by which from one space, you can create not only a room for a family evening, and dance and area.

But do not forget that the living room is designed primarily for recreation, so it is important choose the design and comfortable interior, which will meet your requirements and wishes.

For example, if you prefer not to sit and recline, the chair is better to put the jump, and should be on the couch armrests. For those who love to eat while watching the movie, you need to buy a small table, on which it will be possible to put plates and glasses. With the help of mobile furniture can really create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the living room.

With the past every year takes fashion to combine the kitchen and living room. Many designers believe that this method of forming a space suited to a greater extent bachelors who almost do not prepare in the kitchen. Due to the fact that large families often have to cook, the kitchen and the living room should be divided. As a result, the living room will not get any odors. Perfect alignment one room and kitchen is a method of separation, when each of the rooms will be separate functional space.

Each of us wants to be the living room was not like the others. To do this, the most commonly used non-standard solutions and design things that are not always comfortable and functional, but give the room a more exclusivity and sophistication. For such things in the living room is allocated a specific location, and then design things become the center of the interior, puts all the accents and create a unique style to the room.

In the living room for families often set sofa that will fit a draped cloth, with scattered cushions on it. If your home has a fireplace, even if it is decorative, it is he can become the center of the living room, and the chairs, sofas, carpets will be placed around it.

If, however, in the living room, there is also the architectural features, such as niches, arches, floor to ceiling windows, you can "beat" and the interior features. You can arrange the furniture in the window, and the rest of the interior of the place so that was the view from the window as a result of the foundation of all decorative environment.

To create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the living room will help intelligently chosen lighting. With the help of light You can always hide or highlight certain areas living room, emphasize the soft cozy corner, a picture on the wall or decorative niche with the sculpture inside. You need to very carefully think through all the details in the light living room. Using the spot light can be accents on the interior elements that you want to highlight. Using soft light floor lamps and floor lamps, you can create a cozy lighting in a recreation area, and with the main lighting can create a grand and solemn look across the living room.

Important role in creating the interior of the room plays textiles: from it sewed covers for furniture, curtains, upholstered sofas and chairs. As a result, it is possible to create a cozy, warm and living room style. When you select the fabric, keep in mind that it should not only complement the overall design of the room, but also in harmony with it. In order to emphasize the style and comfort of the room, often use carpet that lay on the floor. Color, size, material, shape of the carpet depends on your taste and preferences. Today is a very popular carpets, which are made of natural fur, but if you are an animal advocate, the carpet can be purchased and faux fur. Many manufacturers offer to sell rugs that are made in the form of animal skins.

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