How to choose a roofing material? What are the key criteria?

Choosing the material for the roof, one must clearly know the following:

• the appointment of buildings (residential, auxiliary, social, etc.);

• on the desired durability of the building and the roof;

• of the roof configuration dictated by utilitarian (for example, the desire to have additional space) and aesthetic considerations.

The notion that the roof when choosing the material does not need to know about all its properties, quite wrongly. Consider a few real-life example. Your house is located in an area with dense buildings, and nearby there are several old buildings. In case of fire, the possibility exists for your roof combustion products. Consequently, one of the major determining factors and in this case - the fire safety of the roof covering. The use of polymer and bituminous materials is undesirable.

Just a few examples. Do you like peace and quiet, you do not want to hear the loud sound of the rain during storm events. Then it is better to stay on the choice of the name of bituminous roofing materials. If the foundation of a house or a truss system is not very reliable, it is unlikely to be justified by the use of ceramic or cementitious materials due to their weight.

The basic principles of selecting a particular material for roofing specialists consider:

1. matching the material of the roof structure and configuration;

2. matching properties of the roof over the demands placed upon it (fire protection, soundproofing, lightness, etc.);

3. compliance durability of materials the planned service life of the roof and the entire building;

4. compliance with aesthetic requirements;

5. compliance with economic opportunities (valuation of materials, the complexity of laying and repair, design complexity roof: rafters, purlins).

Choosing the type of roof for your home, ask yourself a few questions:

• Do you have fire safety waves at the possible ignition of neighboring houses?
• Do you want the house to be quiet?
• Do Requires design house of a certain color?
• Will you change the roof construction (finish building the floor)?
• Is Enough reliable foundation, truss system, walls of your home?
• Would you like to have an unusual roof?

There are, I suppose, and other issues that must be answered when choosing the roof. It all depends on the owner and his personal requirements. For information on roof systems are available today on the Internet, in DIY stores, in specialized expositions in the markets and fairs of building materials. Consultants will show virtually all types of roofs, presented in the Russian construction market, will help determine the type desired in view of the building parameters.

Roof - the crown of any building. The overall harmony of the structure depends on its durability and reliability, how it fits into the overall architecture of the house. Proceeding from this to the choice of the roof must be approached responsibly and carefully in order to reliably protect the roof, was the personification of strength and harmony.

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