GRC, its advantages, and used in the construction

GRC It is a modern building material. This material is made of fine-grained cement-sand mass segments fiberglass reinforced, resistant to alkalis.

GRC widely used in the construction of various structures as well as in finishing various surfaces. Its popularity is due to the high strength and durability at a relatively low cost.

Thanks to the reinforcement of fiberglass, GRC has high resistance to various mechanical influences. This material is absolutely not subject to corrosion, as well as a refractory.

GRC not contain major fillers, and are not equipped with a steel reinforcement, so its surface no pores, making it cold-resistant material.
Depending on the scope of the GRC can be divided into several types: structural, special, decorative and waterproofing

GRC It has an impressive number of qualitative advantages. This material has excellent water resistance as well as strength and elasticity. Structure GRC does not involve the formation of cracks, in addition, the material is sufficiently strong and ductile in bending.

GRC It has a low weight, which is much easier to work with them, as well as reduces the financial cost of installation of foundations.
With the help of special metal, wood, plastic or polyurethane molds of glass-fiber trim elements are different. In the production of finishing materials from steklofibrovolokna in the composition of the material added to the white cement, inorganic pigments and other additives which confer different decorative material properties.

GRC also made
roofingWhich in appearance can mean to imitate slate, metal-ceramic tiles and other roofing materials. This solution is popular due to the ease and high strength material.

GRC is often quite small architectural structure constructed. It is also used in the arrangement of the various recreation areas, fountains and so on. D.

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