Installation instructions Drain own hands

The number of drainage structures shall be determined by the size of the area: no more than 52 square meters accounted for pipe drainage system, which has a diameter of 10 cm. Do not carry out installation pipes in the cold side structures to prevent freezing. In the case of the probability of freezing drain, installed heaters.

Rainwater system

Install gutters. Installing any system flow always begins with the installation of gutters. They need to be divided into an equal number of segments (maximum 90 cm). We note the outcome. In accordance with the metered areas mark points of the gutters.

We do bend support mechanisms. Each holder from beginning to end (drain flow) numbered. For each of such a mechanism should be noted that the place where he will turn up. Bend do so that he was on the level below the slope of the roof.

Attach established mechanisms. To do this smooth bend and the lattice region, producing more mounting screws supporting mechanisms consisting of galvanized metal (3 screws per mount). For reliable and durable installation of fasteners used special boards.

Create a slope. Start and end mechanisms turn down so that the stretch cord, which the other should just touch.

Follow installation and assembly

Installation of drainage system - a sequential process. After installing gutters, one of them makes a hole to put the nozzle. For the installation of the nozzle in the front edge of its factory under the curve of the gutter. At the end of pipe must be fixed with screws self-tapping type in an amount of two pieces.

On the support mechanisms are put plugs, then insert them into the gutter. On the joints need to make the connection gutters. One of the most important stages - is the installation of pipes.

Tube for gutter fastened via support mechanisms. It should be the optimal length, if it is short, its increasing and mounted lock for fixing it. At the completion of the installation set for drain elbow.

Drain elbow is a pipe to drain the water, the location of it is 30 cm from the edge of the structure. To move to the next wall of your structures set angular knee. for connecting pipe is determined on the spot.

How to provide bias for the gutter

The first way - is to install special brackets made of plastic cord stretched across the horizon. Elevations provided the slope. In order to have a drain bias used by another embodiment: the use of the metal bracket without a board. The inclination is due to its bending in the final paragraph.

To drain bias in the mechanism of the chute as the method of plastic bracket with an extension cord without a board. The slope obtained from the use of the drill collar on which the bracket is moved. bending place should not be placed closer than 1 cm from the attachment of the bracket.

How to ensure the correct position of the mechanisms

Carport roof is located at a distance from the trough. The roof is always above the supporting mechanism. The clearance between the bracket and the roof is done using bending extension or change of position of the bracket plastic.

In order to ensure deformation prevention mechanisms must system funnel fixed in two points, it may be extenders. The connector of one of the troughs must be secured in the bracket or in one of the points. The ends of the angular elements must be 15 cm to the closest bracket.

For sealing the set level before installation of drainage systems is necessary to eliminate any contaminants on the surface. You should also make sure that the plugs are mounted, and sealing gaskets are installed safely. Installed gutters should not hang over the roof.

Drains are necessary for almost any roofing. They can protect the basement, foundation and walls of the negative impacts. With their help, the flow of water collected in gutters and drain the pipes. To do this in modern spillway systems developed sets of reliable components and fasteners. Pipes and gutters have different shapes: round or rectangular. Type of spillway system is usually chosen by the building owner or the architect.

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