The man hired a team and did not expensive, but very high quality bathroom renovation in the old house. Photos Before \ After.

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Not all men are builders, but certainly most of the foremen and can successfully manage and irritate builders.

So it was in this case, a man invited a team of workers to make repairs in the bathroom.

Until the repair is the picture since prepared for the final finishing of the room. It can be seen that the bathroom was very old and had to spend a lot of time on the plaster walls and further Stroebe walls for the construction of communications in new locations.

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In addition, it was necessary to prepare the base for pouring new floor, it can be seen that even under the chosen ground.

The fact that the house is very old, can be seen as the foundation and by the absence of normal floors made, and the time greatly complicates and makes the work more expensive, but that can not escape and do it all over again still need It was.

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After repair you will not know the room was a very spacious room, which did not put anything extra, even looks a bit pustovato.

Made with simple tile light sand color, set a new plumbing, and a large mirror.

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The most interesting thing that has been done, is under the bathroom light, such a decision is not common, and it looks quite nice.

A large mirror, just as with the contour illumination considerably increases the space.

We emphasize that the task was to make a quality repair with no frills and in our opinion, such a task is fully able to realize.

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What would change? Value at all bother and make repairs, or and so it was okay?

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