How to choose the right door lock

When choosing a door lock cost you to pay attention on two parameters: quality and manufacturer.

Since cheap door locks are very little time, it is not reliable and can take at the right time, and repair of locks may cost you more in the end than there is the amount for which they bought, it is best to choose and buy is always only quality, not cheap locks.

Now such a situation, how "smart" will lock mechanism, the more expensive it will cost. But in this there is also a plus, the service life of the castle and a great warranty period are paying all your expenses for the purchase of the door lock. Among the favorites of the locks have both foreign and domestic manufacturers of locks:

Cisa (foreign manufacturer); KALE (foreign manufacturer); Guardian (domestic manufacturer); Class (domestic manufacturer); Cubic boron nitride (domestic manufacturer).

The initial selection starts with selecting the setting method, namely, embedded, wall and overhead. When purchasing a note which way the door will open, that is a lock you need, right or left.

There are some kinds of locks on the mind of mechanisms - lever, cylinder, and magnetic codeSometimes manufacturers are combined, using the two systems in the castle. To door openers can use additional protective equipment.

Remember that one medium is well-protected lock is better than two not protected by an additional, expensive locks. Yet two locks also work against intruders. In spite of this you should always close the door lock on all the locks.

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