What you need to know to choose a high-quality door-safe?

More and more people install entrance door. Unfortunately, unscrupulous sellers offer low-quality doors that do not stand up nor any load in the event of a breach.

Provide greater protection door steel sheet of 2-5 mm thickness. But this is not the limit of reliability. If you decide to seriously attend to the protection of their living space or office, then you need door-safe. Made door-safe high-strength steel.

Burglary doors have a class that letter or number. If you buy the European door-safe, high-quality doors and there is class 2-3. By Russian standards, quality door is 2-4 class. If the marking goes bukvmi, choose safe door-B and C-class.

Door leaf thickness should be 2-3 mm, if the door is made of stainless steel, the thickness may be half a millimeter. Do not forget about Security Bolts, they should be 2-4 pieces.

Inspect the hinges. The best will be fixed on the support bearing. On this pick is taie loop. Ask prodovtsa how much weight the door. If the weight is not more than 70 kg, it is only two loops, if higher, the loop will take at least three.

It is important to select a reliable door lock. There should be at least two. A cylinder lock for a door, another suvalny.. Prefer Italian and German castles A and Class 3-4 and level of resistance.

Be sure to check how to open the door and zkryvaetsya whether she easily swings open. If the door swings open without effort, so it's small. And if so, then do not use high-quality materials, cheap alloys. The indicator is the strength of the door when you open it by force. You should feel your hands reliability and weight of the steel sheets.

Reliable and high-quality door is not decorated like a gypsy horse will not look flashy, without many elements of the decor

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