How to make yourself sliding wardrobe

Wardrobes nowadays quite popular. They successfully replace the well-known wardrobe and perfectly fit into any interior, suitable for all kinds of facilities for the repair of the apartment. And, most importantly, allow the most profitable use of the space in which are located. All closets are divided into 4 categories. It closets
hallway to the living room, bedroom, children's.

All of them look similar, but differ in their functions. So, wardrobe hallway for storage of outdoor clothing and footwear, that is one of the sections should be provided under the clothes.

A wardrobe for the bedroom (small room), but what should have shelves for linens and a section for light garments, fitted with mirrored doors. All closets are divided into classes, and systems for the production of built-in closets are divided into two groups.
Based upon the lower roller, c upper suspension

Wardrobes with the upper suspension are not very popular, because This system presupposes the existence of a rigid framework, which makes a wardrobe rather expensive. The bulk of the cabinet is made with a support for the lower roller.

Data on the cost of the system are divided into low-cost closets economy class, the average person wardrobes suites and wardrobes super luxury. List the most proven steel and aluminum systems from different manufacturers - steel system Komandor, steel Standart system steel system LUX, steel Raumplus system Raumplus the original, as well as steel Stanley system, Ramtrack and Indeco. But, they are all quite expensive. Today we will talk about how to make a sliding wardrobe with his hands.

So first of all, I will talk about the materials and tools that will be needed in the work. This is a drill, screwdriver, metal detector and hidden wiring from Bosch (you can use any other company, it does not matter), mounting profile U 16 mm. (Including the amount that will be needed for your niche), long meter or 1.20-40 m. The level of the jigsaw, and particle board material for the case of a compartment of the quality of the colors you choose. Door cabinet will use aluminum strips as stroke and plastic with a picture or without (as you see fit) to be inserted into openings stroke as glass.

Aluminum rims, patterned plastic hangers and other accessories will be chosen and purchased you separately. My task is to show you yourself can do myself cabinet compartment frame. This is most important. Well, with this part we're done now proceed directly to the process.

The first thing you should pay attention to the height of the walls, the depth of the niche and the surface of the walls. We can say it is the cornerstone. The uneven surface may pull a pile of wasted time. Therefore, I recommend pre-align the surface of the walls. After that it is necessary to measure the gap and make a drawing of the future cabinet. In the drawing, you need to specify all the shelves, side, top and bottom floors.

After drawing painted, marked niche can take metal detector and hidden wiring from Bosch company (in this case), and slowly walk them on all the walls, all along the line, which will then be attached mounting profile and accordingly, under it will punch holes in the wall using a drill.

Now, it is time to set profiles for the lines that you applied to the walls, according to your plans and drawings wardrobe. As I mentioned above, you need to take a drill, drill holes, fasten profile and attach it with screws in the holes with wood or plastic plugs. Try to fix the profiles carefully. Not broken rib profiles and izginayte them.

Next, we make the platform, ie the lower part of our cabinet compartment. The platform will be slightly raised from the floor. Align the floor, if necessary. The ribs, which will be installed nizhnayaya part of the cabinet compartment, we will lay a simple bars. And so, they were not seen, we then attach to the platform from the front of the bar. It then hides all working moments. chipboard bottom of the enclosure sheet we put onto the prepared fins and inserted into the profile, attached to the wall. Again, strengthening all the screws.

And now, just collect the entire wardrobe, from vertical sheets of particle board and ending with horizontal inserts shelves. Attach to the cabinet hangers, all that you need accessories that you bought for it in advance.

The last step we set the runners-profiles for wardrobe doors. The upper and lower profile are equal in width wide profiles on the sides of the walls. Accordingly, marking that you made at the beginning of output profiles have direction. Several times the revision of their inclination. That there is no deviation of the right-left. Otherwise, wardrobes doors will not be closed, or simply get out of the runners. Next, install the door.

That's basically it. In very general terms, we tried to tell you how you can make yourself sliding wardrobe.

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