How to dock with each other parquet and stoneware tiles

How to dock parquet and stoneware tiles - a question asked by people who use multiple types of coatings in the room.

And you need to replace that such a combination of elegant and harmonious look. And the most common ligament - a parquet and tiles.

There are two design solutions - bright and of the same type. For classic shades are better suited to low gradation. More modern look combines contrasting styles.

A combination of two types of flooring are very decorates and transforms the appearance of the room, making spark exclusivity and uniqueness. And if a floor decorate LED backlighting, you get a wonderful result.

Of course, this is not only for aesthetic beauty, but also in favor of a practical purpose. For example, using such a transition can be divided room and kitchen, or e.g. pereobuvaniya zone for the corridor. Setting near the front door tiling, we thereby protect parquet flooring from moisture and dirt.

Butt - why you need it

To complete the course, all the joints in the floor covering should be hidden. If you do not decorate the place of the joint, it will not look nice and will spoil the appearance of the premises. The joints may get the moisture and foreign objects that will eventually lead to the deterioration of the coating. Because to hide the seams using some tricks for them, we'll continue.

If you decide to just seal the seam, then take care to choose the right glue color, identical coverage.

Each option engages flooring has its pros and cons, because to choose which is the one we will discuss each type of connections in more detail.

monolithic dock

Monolithic dock is also called a one-piece, and a docking method is the easiest and quickest. For this method, we need the following materials for your choice:

  • construction foam;
  • sealant;
  • paste for installation;
  • Silicone adhesive, etc .;

The adhesive should have good adhesion and elasticity, as it is necessary "to sew" Two different coating composition.

The method of one-piece docking
The method of one-piece docking

The principle of operation is very simple - fill the seam adhesive composition, it should be not to leave empty spaces. Depending on what kind of adhesive is used, wipe the excess glue immediately, or wait for drying and cut off the excess. Then neat seam is overwritten special tile paste. Such a seam is very strong and durable.

invisible seam

This method uses a special Fugue for special ceramic coating. Fugue - a special grout for ceramic. After grouting fugue, seam virtually indistinguishable from the coating. But unfortunately, Fugue poorly sticks to a wooden cover, because you have to periodically update the grout in the joint.

Using Fugues for tiles
Using Fugues for tiles

In step installation it is very important to adjust the flooring height and seam size between the coatings should not be more than 3 millimeters. At the same time, the contact between the materials should not be.

Junction on the basis of cork

Just note that the use of this method involves perfectly flat floor, both in height and width. The seam must be uniform in thickness, the coating perpendicular to each other. Cork cap is set to grinding and polishing of parquet. Their thickness is generally no more than 15 millimeters.

In the first picture cork compensator, the second adhesive cork
In the first picture cork compensator, the second adhesive cork

It is worth noting sustainability and resilience of the material. The modern market offers a great alternative to cork plugs - with a special adhesive cork. It is very easy to install. Adhesive gently pressed into the seam between the coatings with a small margin, as the adhesive has a strong shrinkage. After drying excess glue can be removed with a knife stationery.

Sills and moldings

You tile and flooring are of different heights? No problem! Use special sills and moldings. They perfectly hide the difference in height, as well as the joint itself. The compound does not necessarily have to be straight, may have the shape of a right angle, rotation and so on. There are plastic, metal and wooden thresholds, so you can choose which one is best suited for your interior.

Methods for mounting the threshold and moldings for floorings
Methods for mounting the threshold and moldings for floorings

There are several ways to set thresholds and moldings. For example, there are moldings which consist of two parts. One of the parts is mounted to the floor, the other is inserted from above in the manner of a rivet. With this type of fitting, you can hide all connecting elements that decorate the exterior structure.

The easiest way to set a threshold on the cover - screw the threshold of using self-tapping screws. If you plan to install in the concrete, you will need to pre-install the dowels.

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