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For a long time the vast majority of gardeners to till their potato fields manually. Describe how sore lower back after this procedure, I think, it makes no sense - it is known to anyone who has ever in my life taking care of the potato.

But progress does not stand still, and home-grown "Kulibins" tried to come up with tools and structures that can facilitate human labor. Someone is out better, someone worse, but the fact remains - in our time to hilling the potato fields savvy gardeners use Disc Ridger for motoblock. The fact that it represents, and we'll talk in our today's article.

So Ridger for motoblock - a structure consisting of a frame and two disks, joining the walk-behind tractor. Discs can be quite different and usually come complete with a hiller. This allows Hillers perform not only traditional function of earthing up potatoes, but also to carry out weeding, thinning and boronenie before planting and after harvest. Thus, we kill several birds with one stone, saving manpower and resources. And it will agree, is important!

Standard furrowers for motoblock made so that integrates with virtually any type of motor blocks (except improvised, of course). This means that in the buying process does not make sense to inquire whether it is suitable for your walk-behind tractor.

As a rule, disk hiller for motoblock quite weighty, but its weight in the maximum equipment is still not more than 20 kg, which allows it to lift and install even pensioners.

Hillers cost ranges from $ 200-300, depending on the season and the manufacturer. Perhaps due to the high competition, eventually the price will decrease. But even with the current price is very, very attractive to gardeners.

We hope that by purchasing a disk hiller for motoblock, you forget about health problems forever, and always will be quickly and efficiently take care of your crop.

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