The sequence of works in the repair of the roof

Repairing the roof in such a sequence. Little rusty (slender) space on the roof, you can seal the patches of burlap or any thick fabric.

Determine the rusted places like that. On a sunny day two people inspect cleaned from dirt and dust roof. Some of them with a stick walks through the attic, and the second with chalk in hand - on the roof. Located in the attic, finding rusted place, hit it with a stick, and located on the roof encircles it with chalk.

All the marked space clean with a wire brush, clean the dust and paint over paint that dries two or three days. Burlap or dense tissue cut patches of suitable size are prepared gustorazvedennuyu paint, put into it for 1-2 hours patch. Then squeeze the excess paint, put a patch on the repaired place, carefully smooth (especially the edges) and allow it to dry. After this paint.

Paint an old roof in such a sequence. Before painting the roof is cleaned from adhering dust and dirt, sweep off a broom myagenko: fresh as paint applied to a crude roof, badly adheres to previously deposited.

The descent of the roof is recommended to paint in one layer in a year, and in two layers - in two years. The fact is that on the slopes longer retains moisture and the paint comes into disrepair faster. The service life of oil paints on natural drying oil: ocher and mummy - three years, metal minium - 5 years, copperhead - 10 years.

After a good dry patches glued roof again recommended obmesti myagenko broom or brush the hair. Prepared paint stained whole roof (with patches). The paint to be applied as thin as possible layers, rubbing it carefully, usually paint is applied in two or three layers.

First paint the descent, and then the whole roof - from the ridge to the slopes. During operation, hold the brush so that the hair is perpendicular to the surface. You need to press the brush equally, while at times to turn it into the hands of the hair rubbed moderately.

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