How to make a garden shredder with their hands?

As is known, garden shredder is used for several purposes - grinding organic substances in compost, shredding vegetables and fruits, fruit grinding for the manufacture of feed.

To date, the market garden machinery manufacturers represented a huge number of different types of garden shredders - from petrol garden shredders and shredders finishing electric. However, not all the owners and owners of garden plots can afford to buy a garden shredder. And many just wondering something tinkering on their own at home.

That is why more and more people are looking for information every day on the question of how to make a garden shredder with their hands. Our today's article will tell you in detail about this. Also at the end of the material we will try to do a little test garden shredders.

Let's start with the fact that the manufacture of garden shredder should begin with the purchase of necessary spare parts. First of all, we need circular saws for wood, of which will be made the main working mechanism of the shredder. They can be purchased at any hardware store, and the price is very low today. Indicative costs for the purchase of 20 discs for saws will be about 2,000 rubles.

After that, you must decide on the drive. If you have a walk-behind tractor - it's just wonderful. Enough to bring an additional belt drive that will propel our knife - and the trick is done. In principle, suitable not only to walk-behind tractor, but any drive to which you can fasten a constructive additional belt drive without resorting to serious alterations.

The final step in the manufacture of garden shredders with their own hands will be building a solid frame, which will be assigned to a shredder mechanism. The frame will consist of a transverse tube 4 firmly welded together, which is attached to the tray for the finished product. On top of the frame welds cutting mechanism with all the elements. Everything - garden shredder is ready and we have made it yourself! It has a lot of pluses. One of the obvious - interchangeability of the cutting mechanism. Even with the failure of multiple drives, they then can be easily replaced with new ones.

Now try to compare this mechanism with existing analogues, are sold in stores. Ie spend
kind of test garden shredders.
Cheapest model, which cost 200-300 dollars, look very, very fragile, and the presence of a large number of plastic parts suggests that they frequently break down.
Models in the mid-market look more impressive and show a good performance.

Best of all proved to be expensive models grinders brands bosch, viking and al ko. However, the cost of such models is several times higher than the cost of the unit, which we can easily put together yourself.
So that the final choice to be done to you. If you have the money, feel free to buy more expensive models. No money - do yourself a garden shredder!

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