How to increase the water pressure in the house?

Quite a serious problem in a private home is weak pressure of tap water in the systemThat makes it difficult to supply water to the second floor. At low pressure it is impossible to properly wash in the shower and use the dishwasher and washing machine.

How to solve this problem without a large capital investment?

There is a solution, it is necessary to mount the water supply system blowing (booster) pump to pressurize.

The most important thing for such a pump- choose the right place for its location. The whole point is that the flow sensor to activate the pump will react only if the pump moves the water (and thus through the sensor). For example, in the basement there is a water tank, and it is necessary to submit to the second floor, the discharge device should be installed directly on the tube before the draw-off points, the pump could be involved if the water pressure is not sufficient, and provide water to all residents houses. It is worth recalling that, in this case, the system will take another and a second pump, which will push the water through the pipes.

When opening a draw-off point begins to move the water and the pump is activated after activation of the motion sensor. The response time of 1 second.

If the pump is put in the basement of the trumpet, his power will likely just do not have enough water supply to all the taps. Since the unit should be installed in a ready-made network, its design has its own characteristics.

Firstly, the size of the inflator is small, secondly, the weight of the pump is not too big, and third, the installation is very simple. It works almost noiselessly, cooling water passing through it and does not require additional cooling. The pump is switched on automatically by the system when you open the tap on and off at closing, with built-in flow sensor.

After installation of the pump it does not need additional attention.
The unit should be installed in front of the site where it is necessary to increase the water pressure. It is desirable to install a gas column in the direction of water movement. Since the pump is a device, narrow section, then the manufacturers produced models a bit. Accordingly, to choose on the market almost from nothing.

The greatest demand in units that can increase the pressure of 0.2 atm 0.8.

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