How to calculate the floor area of ​​simple and complex structures

Building and finishing materials have a considerable cost, so before they purchase it is important to calculate the necessary amount of needed materials.

It may seem that the calculation of the floor area is a simple task. In fact, for the correct calculation should be acquainted with some features of this procedure.

Having a technical passport of a house or apartment can be found a floor area of ​​each room of this document.

Measure the area of ​​square or rectangular floor

To carry out these measurements require the following tools:

electronic range finder; roulette.

With their help, the measurement is the length of the room walls. Get the most accurate data will be available only in the case when the beam range finder will be strictly perpendicular. The data obtained are recorded in meters. Width multiplied by the length, and the result will be a floor area in square meters.

Calculation of complex construction floor area

Often there are rooms which are irregularly shaped, for example, areas with a circular arch or pentagonal space. In such cases, the first sheet of paper is applied on the floor sketch, which is further divided into smaller pieces. So, the room with the arch is divided into a rectangle and a semicircle, a pentagonal - on a rectangle and a triangle.

Now all parties simple shapes measured with a tape measure. To determine the area of ​​a circle is necessary to determine the length of the radius. All results are stored in the appropriate locations on the sketch.

Calculation of the area of ​​simple shapes

To determine the area of ​​a rectangle or square, should be multiplied by these figures.

To determine the area of ​​a semicircle must first determine the area of ​​a full circle. To this end, the length of the two radii is squared and multiplied by the number "pi" is equal to 3.14. This will be the area of ​​a circle, which is dividing into two area can get a semicircle.

The area of ​​the triangle is calculated according to the formula R (R-a) (P-b) (P-c) in which a, b and c - is the length of the sides, and P - sum of all the parties divided in half. From the obtained value is taken root - this will be the area of ​​a triangle.

It remains only to fold the area of ​​simple shapes, which was laid out floor space. This will be the required area of ​​the floor, which has a complex shape.

When the room there are protrusions, columns, hatches etc. Should calculate their area and subtract the value obtained from the floor area.

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