Cellar in the country: the main types of

Cellar in the country It is the main element suburban habitat. It is used for the maintenance of the crop. Store vegetables, fruits and a variety of pickles it is preferable in the cellar than in the cellars. Cutting all of the major differences between these two structures.

Differences from the basement cellar

The above facilities - these are two completely different designs. Basement is a certain room in the house, which are located below ground level. It is used for a variety of business purposes. In the basement equipped with workshops, stores chalet tools and accessories.

The main purpose of the cellar - storage of the crop. To equip the premises as necessary - there are racks, shelves for storage of crops. It provides ventilation. Qualitative different storage stable temperature. During the summer, not more than 8 degrees and no lower than four in the winter. Such temperature condition does not allow products to freeze and deteriorate.

A distinctive feature between the two buildings is their location. The basement of the house stands. Building can be built on anywhere. In addition, equipped with a special place for vegetables savings can be in the cellar. But to make, on the contrary, it is impossible.

Distinguish three main types of cellars:

• Ground.

• Underground.

• partially grounded.

Ground building on the cottages

Surface structure can be built at any site which has a high groundwater level. Solidity and reliability of such structures depend on the choice of the corresponding site. For the construction of buildings should choose dry elevated areas. The ground water level should be half a meter below the bottom of the construction. In the case where water are close, it is recommended to build pad, consisting of sand and gravelstone.

The main differences between the buildings themselves - finding with respect to ground level.

Ground store is built entirely on the surface. Ground storage occur in two forms:

• detached.

• Connect Wall.

There are three main types of surface structures: with bunding; without the embankment; trim.

Underground construction in the country

This design is the most popular due to the simplicity of the materials used and the construction. It can be separately constructed and erected under the house, the kitchen. Such a structure is compact.

The nuances of construction in the country store

Buildings for fruit and vegetables is desirable to erect the summer. For the construction it is necessary to choose the hill. When finishing the construction is preferable to choose quality materials. Be sure to install a reliable ventilation. Stairs, doors, windows is recommended to treat with special solutions, which corresponds to the room.

Because of their special properties, a cellar in the country is rare and unusual structure. It is supported by a stable temperature throughout the whole year. This feature allows you to store a variety of vegetables and fruits preservation. Such storage necessary and useful thing for people with cottage or vacation site.


After selecting the type of store in the first place there is the choice of location for its construction. Further, there is excavation for future construction. To finish, you can use a variety of materials storage. The basis of the cellar must be concrete. After that, the installation of the ventilation is performed. Storage, which is being built according to the recommendations of experts and the main rules will serve more than one year. It will allow to keep the whole harvest and winter harvesting in its original form.

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