Tips from experienced builders in the construction of their own wooden bathhouse

Probably every man dreams about his own bath-house in the country, about the place where you can have a great time as a family and with friends.

bath - this is a great place where you not only forget about all the problems, but also literally saturates the body with vivacity, because bath so healthy. Unfortunately, many owners of country houses, not acquire such a construction, since its construction requires at least money and a lot of effort, but those who already have the luxury of exactly what you will say that all these efforts were not in vain. In addition, most people simply do not dare to build, because of the fear to do something wrong. Today we give you some tips and tell step by step instructions to build a bath on its own summer cottage.

Tips from experienced builders

The construction of bathsAs well as the construction of an object quite time consuming and serious process, which requires a certain amount of costs, resources, and of course their own efforts. In addition, before you start building, you have to know a few rules that will help you to successfully build and subsequently, a long and pleasant service.

1. If your summer cottage is near the river or lake, then over the location for baths should think a little. You have to choose a place that would be placed at a sufficient distance from the pond. The minimum distance from water bodies, including the wells must be at least 25-20 meters, otherwise, you simply run the risk of future flood bathhouse.

2. Bath often build as a separate object, especially for those whose room is inspiring proportions. But if you do not plan to do a big guy, you can easily attach it to your home. Thus, in the winter, you do not have to walk a few meters to the house. However, an extension to the residential facility has its own nuances, described below.

3. If you still decide to attach a bathhouse to the house, then you should know what difficulties may lie in wait for you. Firstly, sauna, steam room as well as any, has and must have a large amount of steam, but because this couples should not go into the house. Therefore, your task is to make an excellent ventilation system that does not allow moisture to get into your home, otherwise it threatens the development of the fungus.

4. Good location for the construction of an object such as a bath backyard. This place is perfect for a small bath-house, it should also take into account the fact that nearby there was no road.

5. If your bathhouse was attached to the house, then you should not forget about fire safety. To do this, you must purchase a pair of fire extinguishers, and put fire safety system, which will include smoke and fire detectors.

6. In the hot summer sun or winter, you will definitely appreciate the location of the bath, if it is on the south side. Thus, the sunlight is maximized, and the wind gusts will not spoil your holiday. From the windows, the situation is different, it is better to do them all, bringing on the west side.

7. Do not forget about the convenience of the bath. Excellent ideas that would make the room to the pool, it is not only refresh you after the steam room, but also very good for health. In addition, do not forget about the decor, all the usual Russian bath-house, and of course you should buy proper Attributes: brooms, aromatherapy oils, wooden chairs and tables and other small things that will please you and your guests.

All of the above tips and rulesThey have a certain complexity. To create a place where you would be able to rest well and safely, you should be sure to stick to them. But if you still are determined, it is described below step by step tutorial to create a bath.

Construction bath from "A to Z"

To begin the construction of baths need to know a clear sequence of actions. You should also be prepared for the fact that the costs may be slightly increased. To start construction with an empty purse, at not recommend, because construction could be delayed for several years.

First step - preparing the land for future construction.

Site preparation for the construction of one of the most difficult moments. First of all, you have to choose just the perfect place, so that your bathhouse pleasing to you over the years (how to select a site, see above).

Once the area is selected, you need to clean this place from various stones, debris, roots of trees and shrubs. In general, for the construction of the area must be clean, free from everything that could hinder construction.

The second step - fill foundation.

Bath, as well as any building can not do without foundation. You can choose the foundation, which only want to, but the most appropriate in this case - columnar support structure.

Before you install these columns, you must make a hole a certain depth, depending on the type of load. Columns should be installed in all places where the future will be built wall. You should also take into account the fact that the pit columns are based on the type of soil. Basically one pit depth is approximately 100-130 cm. Columns are set strictly vertical, and sprinkled with a mixture of gravel and sand (15-20 cm.). Then into each hole you must set the asbestos cement pipe, whereupon the pipe within each set reinforcing bars and fill them with concrete. The area around the columns must be filled with concrete solution, it will deliver a secure fit design. After that, the columns have a few days to dry.

The third step - to build the walls.

The next step, you have to build the first crown. For the construction of the walls, you need pieces of wood, they should be laid on the first crown. Wooden blocks, you can puncture the way you want, but the most optimal - a method of "paw".

The walls are erected the necessary height for you, and you have to leave recesses for windows and doors. Each crown is necessary to insulate, any material available to you. After summing up the walls under the roof, you need to choose what type of roof you want to build. Most often in small bathhouse erected shed roof.

The fourth step - equip bathhouse communications.

The most important communication is, perhaps - carrying sewage, about this you need to take care at the time of construction of the foundation. Once your sewage did not have any problems, go to the creation of the sexes. The best and most appropriate options would be of course a concrete floor, which subsequently you can cover with ceramic tiles. This option is not cheap, but believe that with so you do not have to worry about its durability, unlike conventional wooden floors.

But if you do decide on a wooden floor, you should know that it is done with a certain bias and a hole through which all of the moisture will fall directly into the sewers. This method is used also in the pool, so if you intend to engage in the construction of its take note.

After that, you have all the wooden parts of a special moisture-protective mixture that give wood durability. Then the tree is opened paint or varnish. Install windows and doors in your bathhouse, also take care of the light sources and to conduct electricity.

The fifth step - making the shelves and oven

Shelves can be shaped in your bathhouse, which only your heart desires. Their creation does not take much effort or time, all very simple. In the support structure of the boards installed board. After that, all you need to also cover the moisture-protective mixture. The furnace is installed also on the choice of the host, you can do the old fashioned way - ordinary stone oven (before its creation We recommend that you read the instructions), or you can install modern heating furnaces, which are many times safer stone.

The sixth step - the final.

Having done all the hard work, you will finally be able to show all their creativity and imagination. Equip your favorite bathhouse all attributes, ranging from favorite brooms and hats, and ending with the sign "go to the bath!". All depends on you and your preferences. Importantly do not forget to take care of safety and conduct fire system and buy some fire extinguishers.

Bottom line: Having done all this hard work, you can please yourself and your loved ones a great bath.

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