Installing a toilet bowl with his hands from A to Z

Today we'll talk on the theme of self-installing toilet. I know that this question has been raised many times, especially prosherstit more information resources, in order to see who is writing about, and understand - basically the process from A to Z and was not described. I'll try to fill this gap and to tell you in a turn-based, accessible, as far as I succeed, the shape of the whole complex of works on installation of a toilet bowl. Therefore, if anything, you can always turn to him.

So, first I'll tell you about the tools and things that we need to work. First, the toilet itself with tank and fornituroy to it, ie, the whole set. Mark the toilet, I can not think consciously, then everyone's business, someone who likes German, some Russian production. Secondly, we need a wrench. Stoke, tighten the nut, etc. The silicone gasket for installation. Corrugation, can be packaged together with a toilet, or may be purchased separately. Drill and drill on the tile, and tap, flax, cap. Keys may need carob, union. Finally, the hose, it, we will connect with vodorozetkoy and drain sideways.

Proceed. First of all let's set the valve on the vodorozetku. Here we must bear in mind one thing. If we assume vodorozetka get deeper into the wall, ie, extra depth gives the tiles on the wall, then in that case it is necessary to use a small strip. Can be 2 or 3 centimeters. Then, depending on how deeply turned vodorozetka. Take an extension cord in his hands and screwed into it in vodorozetku.

After extension mounted crane arch-take, for example in yields of half an inch to half an inch, and install it in vodorozetku. To do this, take the wrench (the Swede) and screwed into the tap. Pre lubricate thread sealant. As a sealant use Unipack (UNIPAK). Further, almost podzatyanite valve in place.

Now, it's time to assemble the tank. In this case, the entire drain fornitura already collected. Therefore separately spend time on the assembly is not necessary. I also advise you to collect it in advance, before you install a new toilet. Just to really save time. Also, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the tightness of the plastic nut, if it can be called, at the bottom of the tank. It is usually weak. But then look do not overdo it with the tightening force. Strongly do not need to tighten. But should tighten.

Next, put the barrel fixing. There is also a gasket. On the one and the other side of the tank. Those. from the outside and from the inside. Fixing is better to put before the installation of the float, because it places more and better work, and better tightening. On the inner side also advise to hold the ring spanner.

Thereafter, ustanalivaem gasket between the reservoir and the bottom of the bowl. Preferably on silicone. Because sometimes it happens that due to the fact that the seal has not been installed for an additional silicone, it is necessary to reinstall the tank. Therefore it is better just in case sealed. Although some leaders do not accept the silicone, I did all I recommend. As soon as you put the pad in place, walk again with silicone between it and the tank.

Now, it is time to install the tank. Take it in your hand and gently put on the toilet. From the bottom of the toilet tank output screw fastening nut. With all the force can be tightened, but then again, so as not to strip the threads. Take a look at that cistern was exactly. At the latest puff it is very important. Take care to never skewed pads.

Now, we put the plug. Since the crane, in this example, it stands on the right side, then plug in the tank is placed on the left side. Further, making the other side, i.e., on the right, serifs, but not very big. Then, we take the flax and wound it on just flogged thread. Once again, lubricate the threads Unipack th. And ultimately, just simply put a crane. Do not forget it is also the key to tighten. But, again, not much, because it is plastic, it may be because the twist. Cover, we just will not wear. Since, we need to check more then draining and, in general, what and how it works.

Thus, after the faucet is installed, the plug is installed in the tank can be removed from the plug pin, a sewer pipe. She's great, is on the wall and blue. After that, take in their ruchechki corrugation and paste it as a once in a sewer pipe and fasten it to the toilet.

Make a pencil mark for toilet fixtures to the floor. Once a mark are made, we need to remove the bowl along with the flexi hose from the pipe and just kanalizannoy put it somewhere close to it we do not interfere, as we do in the mounting holes floor. If, let's say you already laid tile, then it is best to buy a drill for tile. That it is not poperelomat. Once the holes are made, set the bowl back to his seat. Naturally, the corrugated insert into the sewer pipe. Take the key cap or open-end or a tube, and tighten the fasteners to the floor.

So, we are at the finish line. Now we have to choose the size of the hose. That he was not in the stretch, but at the same time not really hung. Roll the excess of 5-7 centimeters, I think this will be enough. Next, install the cover. In fact, this is the easiest to do. The toilet is ready!

So that is all. We are pulled down the entire process of self-toilet installation. As if at first glance it is difficult, but actually, once, twice to change, and then everything will be as usual. Author unfortunately unknown

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