How to choose equipment for electric heating private houses

Many people dream about their home. But when dreams become reality, then suddenly unforeseen problems.

It is important to understand that such a large building can not be compared with the apartment. In apartment buildings providing personal services deal with all citizens. There's this easy. But in private construction, which is only a few floors is a little more complicated, but in the end the result pays the costs. Now we discuss in detail the electric heating in a private home. Space heating, an important point, which provides comfortable accommodation in a house of people.

Heating with electricity - is there a difference?

Electric heating in a private house in comparison with a centralized water heating clearly wins. In particular, the analyzed method of warming up is to use only special heaters. Any other equipment is not required. The devices themselves are modified into heat energy without the mediation of boilers.

Are there any drawbacks?

If you want to switch to electric heating in a private house, the main possible difficulties that may arise - is the lack of energy itself. If the residential facility has an electrical system, there is no reason for concern. You just need to install the relevant equipment. If the system is not present, you will first need to lay cables and other elements.

But rarely anyone in our time there is no electricity, but of course it happens. Suddenly you want to build a cottage in the village, where you need to connect the power supply to carry out a number of labor-intensive work.
Do you already have an electrician? But here may lie in wait "ambush". The power supply of our country often are worthless. Voltage fluctuations and unscheduled blackouts unfortunately are not uncommon.

Here, the electrical heating system in a private home not recommended if the energy is transferred to considerable disruption. But even here there is an exit. You need to install energy storage and voltage rectifiers that will solve the problem with the current and unstable supply of electricity will accumulate.

types of heaters

Heaters - is the main element of any Electro-systems, so it is important to know their differences. Classification of equipment takes place on various grounds. The main one - the method of heat transfer, which divides the heaters on the convective and radiant. The first variant includes electric heaters and fan heaters. In the second type includes infrared panels. There are also other models. For example, the combination, as well as heaters "indirect heating".

Electric heaters - will heat up any private house

Now low-rise residential buildings steel often put Heaters. This special metal panel, equipped with holes, the bottom of which absorb the cold air mass and the top, on the contrary, the heated air is discharged outside.

Length of service of any Electroconvector depends on whether it qualitative heating element. Therefore, this part should immediately pay attention during the equipment selection. Depending on the financial capacity of the device is recommended to take the best possible quality, or the heating system will be less effective.

Modern heaters are usually equipped with thermostats. They make it possible to change the air temperature 5 to 15 degrees. But most importantly, that the thermostats help save energy by about 80%.
The fact that the convector is switched on only when it is really required. Functioning turns intermittently. As a result, saves energy and increases the durability of the device. We recommend to take equipment with electronic thermostat.

If we talk about security, it is reliably ensured by the sensor, which automatically neutralizes the power if overheating occurs the main element. You can also get models with fans, which create additional cooling. For a house with a large number of rooms is better to choose the equipment controlled from a single center.

It should be noted that the electric convectors are completely safe for the environment. The temperature of the unit case is 65 degrees, which is significantly lower than that of a water heating appliances. For proper operation of the equipment, none of the residents did not suffer at home.

Why electric heaters so popular? Attracted by the price. They are now among the most affordable and at the same time efficient heating equipment. Such an advantage is highly valued especially in private homes. The same equipment is easy to install. For example, water radiators must be mounted on a special project, producing labor-intensive work, but the convector need only be included in the network and it will work immediately.

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