Penthouses in the bath to increase the area of ​​the entire premises

Attic has gained immense popularity in the cottages, and at times in the baths due to its many advantages. This is a warm cozy room, which can increase the area of ​​the entire house! In the attic there are several historical parameters. It should be spacious, comfortable and well insulated. Also part of the attic formed roof.

When the location of the attic in the bath in the first place is to talk about the insulation. Look carefully and hide all the flaws with foam. The roof is usually insulated in the process of its construction. We can not forget about the vapor barrier and hydro. The only way possible to save the roof from frequent repairs and defects. For ease of use, many do still, and insulation, using glass wool or mineral wool.

Also, it is important to resolve the question of lighting. Electric lighting - not very effective and more costly in the case of an attic. Roof windows due to their specificity allows illuminate the room for forty percent better than usual. But it is worth remembering that in the living room you need to live coverage. Building standards are telling us that the amount of light in the room should be around 10% of the floor space. But doctors believe that for a comfortable living room lighting required window, transmissive light amount equal to 50% of the size of the room.

And here we come to the most important point - heating. The bath will optimally use the heat from the furnace. You can also install a stove or fireplace, if there is no opportunity to make wiring from the main heat source.

So, what's different in the attic bath unlike any other? This roof, the construction of which has thermal, hydro and steam. Finish is best done by using the plasterboard, as it is the most resistant to fire and moisture. Do not forget windproof material. It will help keep the tree from the rain.

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