Plastic ventilation: benefits and features

Need any country houses in the proper organization of ventilation is undeniable, because fresh air is constantly needs people.

In the absence of ventilation in the homes of all types create a favorable environment for the development of microorganisms, fungi, mildew and other troubles. Evaporation and smell while cooking food on the stove, humidity, formed when showering or bathing in the pool, dust - all this creates not a very pleasant climate. You can, of course, ventilate the room by opening the window. But this is again associated with the penetration of polluted air in the house from the street, noise, drafts.
All these problems can be avoided even during the construction of a country house set ducts.

To date, they can not be considered a scarce commodity. On the market widely represented as a whole gamut of ducts of galvanized metal (semi-rigid and flexible corrugated channels), as well as air ducts from plastic.

It is said that the air ducts of galvanized metal are the most common and reliable, but the price they are much higher than in other types of ventilation systems. Economy class is represented in the main round and rectangular air ducts made of plastic, produced in Russia. Light weight, non-corrosive and high strength - these are the main advantages of plastic air ducts.

Ventilation duct made of plastic treated with an antistatic agent, it does not attract dust particles, which significantly reduces the cost of maintenance of ventilation equipment. Plastic absorbs noise, therefore, no additional sound insulation. For the installation of the ventilation system are selected all required fittings, plastic duct easily shortened with a hacksaw. When decorating plastic air ducts easy to hide behind a boarded ceiling plasterboard.

Having established in his country house ventilation system made of plastic, you will enjoy the fresh air all year round, regardless of ambient environmental conditions. However, it must be remembered that in the ventilation system is also in need of care - it is desirable to check cross-ventilation ducts every 5 years to maintain a constant comfortable environment in house.

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