What are the characteristics of houses from a bar?

All the wooden houses log houses represent the structure of sliced ​​or shaped timber certain sections with the beams and rafters, ceiling beams and purlins of the roof and the roof of the Ondulina.

Currently gain its former popularity log houses made of timber. And it is quite natural. After the tree is the aesthetic and ecological material, it continues to live even in the form of timber, transferring its positive energy and heat their odors. Wood deservedly won the title of one of the best materials for residential construction.

Log houses made of logs combine a high level of comfort and environmental friendliness, has unique heat transfer properties, whereby in such a house is always cool in summer and warm winter.

All the houses of the log are always considered such a housing, which is excellent for temporary residence and permanent. Cut them since time immemorial. More recently, it was the most common type of housing on the land. With the development of science, technology and the advent of new technologies along with the desire of a person to turn his property into a fortress, it began the construction of brick buildings. They certainly had the advantage of protection against fire, but had many shortcomings and that this plus the dwarf, and the construction of wooden houses prevails.

Log cabin in the century
Felling of the forest, like a fairy-tale tower, will be authentic generic your family nest, and the admiration of all his friends and neighbors.
Durable and prestigious
The construction of chopped home-Select those who prefer natural beauty, natural materials, prestige and classic design, as well as admire unique traditions of Russian wooden architecture.

The highest level of craftsmanship
Log houses are executed in different techniques: "paw" (when the facade of the line are the angles) or "in the cup" (when the log size of the perimeter of the building are cut exactly). Due to the high skill carpenters tight fit is ensured for each element, and small slits are filled tow and moss. The accuracy of the wood and the size depends on the build quality of the house, as well as the level of thermal insulation, so our masters are paying great attention to this moment.
For the construction of the logs used mainly with an optimal diameter of 22 - 26 cm, having a natural exterior protective layer which is not present in the raw material which has undergone rounding procedure.

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