How to choose the quality of the faucet at home

Buying mixer for bathroom or kitchen is sometimes troublesome thing, especially on failure of previous elections. And then we begin to rush from one extreme to another, trying to choose the best, but at the same time save a little. mixers in the Russian market today offers a variety of mixers both of the mixer design, and on the materials from which it is made.

There is also a large Extension in the price range. Everything presented mixers modzhno conditionally divided into three main groups:

  • Mixers super-economy class - this is mixersProduced mainly in China, Turkey or the United Arab Emirates, are low cost and attractive views, easy vesomMaterial, of which the mixers - a ( "Zamak" alloy) of zinc alloy, aluminum and steel, brass is small percentage 5-10%. Typical representatives of our market are TM "Zerich", "King", "Diablo", "Riter".
  • Mixers economy class- this is mixers, produced in Russia, Some mixers Italian, Polish producers. Externally look quite traditionally functionally practical, made of high quality material (brass PM-59). Recently there have been quality faucets, which can be attributed to economy class, producing in China, which have all the necessary conformity and hygienic certificate certificates. From Russian manufacturers can mark "Akron", "Sanli", "santehpriborov" TG "Center Plumbers".

    Luxury Faucets - it taps European manufacturers (German, Italian). Characterized by original design, new solutions are made of high quality materials (brass PM-59). They have a high price, which just happens sometimes and we can not afford.

In order to mixer served a long time, its characteristics must fully comply with the GOST 25809-96 Russian technical and regulatory documentation, which provides that

  • mixer housing must have a service life of at least 15 years;
  • body resistance mixer for effects -vymyvaniya, korrozitsionnoy resistance, mechanical deterioration of the alkaline medium (water) should be at least 15 years;
  • have a health certificate;
  • It must have a manufacturer's warranty - no less than 24 months for a period of storage and at least 18 months warranty period from the date of sale through the retail network;

Of the above classes mixersmixers economy class not suitable not under one requirement Guests:

  • life time mixer by SRI plumbing test was less than 8 months, and then fail rubber gaskets and seals, locking elements (spool element Vanno-shower mixer made of plastics;
  • body undergoes corrosion and begins to collapse after 1-2 months of operation (coverage mixer peeled, washed particles housing due to poor, the degraded material);
  • mismatch hygienic qualities of the product - a tangible unpleasant smell of rubber seals, are not made of sanitary and common technical rubber;
  • mixers sold, as a rule, without warranty or guarantee of a dummy.

    Mixers Economy and Deluxe Class all the indicators and meet the requirements of GOST and can safely be used without causing unnecessary inconvenience to its customers and harm to health.

And the choice, as always, is up to us, customers, between reasonable price, traditional design, functionality mixer and interesting and new solutions, but a higher price.

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