Step by step guide: how to make a wall of plasterboard with their hands

Old, no straight walls can be clad with plasterboard (GCR). Sheets of drywall are attached to the carrier frame structure assembled from metal profiles. The framework itself is in turn attached to the wall, ceiling and floor.

You will need

Drill, drill pobeditovoe, molar knife

Step-by-step instruction

On the floor, rubbed chalk cord, causing the line. She will be fixed guide profile. Then, using a plumb or level, focusing on this line to the adjacent walls and ceiling deal marks which draws a line. The result should be a clean-cut outline of the future of the supporting frame.

In the next stage begins assembly of the frame. First mounted guide profile (NP) to a floor strictly on the intended line. Profile NP attached dowels in increments of 25 cm. In the same way set the guide profile to the adjacent walls and ceiling.

Further, on the wall with the level lines are marked parking location profiles every 60 cm. Along these lines are drilled dowel holes for mounting special hangers (the people they are called Christmas trees). They are raskrepleny parking Profile.

After you install the hangers are mounted parking Profile. They are installed in the upper and lower guide profile. It is necessary to ensure that the previously set mark (60 cm) above and below coincide with the middle of the profile. Further, the parking releasable profile suspensions, do not forget to control the vertical profile level. Thus, all set parking Profile. At this assembly the supporting frame ends. If necessary, between the profiles can be laid special insulation. The next step - fixing plasterboard sheets to the supporting frame.

Drywall screws attached to the chassis using a power screwdriver. When installing the GCR, please note that if the ceiling height more than 250 cm, the drywall to be installed in a staggered manner. If the first sheet is mounted on the floor, the next - to be mounted on the ceiling. This installation is required to ensure that there were no horizontal seams along the edges of the GCR.

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