Tips for exterior and interior balcony

To date, the majority of urban residents equip their balconies, turning them into small, study, or just a cozy place where you can have a cup of tea and read favorite book.

Exterior trim balcony of the apartment.

For external use balcony finishing materials which are resistant to adverse atmospheric influences, temperature extremes, dust and precipitation. Such materials include: outer plastic siding and vinyl siding. Urban residents, external finishes for balconies, use these materials as they possess frost resistance, are not susceptible to precipitation. And do not fade in the sun, and do not require special care when operating

Which material you choose for the outside finishing the balcony depends on your taste and desires.

The advantage of the plastic lining is durability, moisture resistance and resistance to ultraviolet radiation. This material is environmentally friendly, since it does not release harmful substances into the environment. Its original form material retains at least ten years, under operating temperatures ranging from - 50 to + 50 degrees Celsius.

The main advantage of vinyl siding is its aesthetics. This material is presented in different colors, so you can choose the color that suits you. Vinyl siding does not crack, does not rot, does not fade under the influence of sunlight. The price of this material is relatively low.

Interior trim balconies with their hands.

Without finishing works inside the balcony repairs will seem incomplete. For interior decoration using plastic or wooden boards, plastic panels, or other design materials, such as decorative stone. What finish inside the balcony you choose depends on your desires and resources available. Most residents of apartments selected for finishing the inside of the balcony, plastic linings, which may be of different colors. A plastic battens are easy to install, it is very taxing care and can withstand large temperature variations. Honors the plastic lining of the plastic panels is that during installation, the plastic lining in the joints are visible and smooth seamless surface created during installation of plastic panels.

Wooden wall paneling is more expensive than plastic. Because we all know the quality of the tree, the tree creates comfort and warmth in the room. But this material requires extra care, it is necessary every 2-3 years to cover the moisture barrier composition and varnishing.

Process mount wooden and plastic lining extends equally. First, you need to make a crate on the floor joists are placed, then you need to make a ceiling in which openings are provided for the light bulbs. After that, to secure the crate panel, and is a rough floor, which is then put linoleum, granite or laminate. Only after all of these works are fixed skirting and architraves. All balcony ready!

Repair of balcony: step by step

If you decide to make major repairs on the balcony, then, first of all, must be removed delaminated concrete, then it is necessary to clean the surface (to remove traces of paint, lime, dirt, grease and dust). Using a manual cutter, you remove deeply penetrated, pollution, if the open fixture traces of corrosion, then it is necessary to remove the concrete to pure metal. After this procedure is applied to the adhesive (pin) layer, in order to repair mortar firmly held. Existing concrete chips and deep Scherbiny must complete leveling mortar. Thereafter, the solution is applied based flooring with a thickness of 1 to 10 millimeters. Then, apply a primer that will reduce absorption surface. Do not forget about waterproofing, for this use waterproof formulations to be applied in two coats.

For balcony floor covering, often is used a ceramic tile, which is adhered to the adhesive which has high mechanical strength and elasticity.

Make a warm floor and the balcony wall is possible, using a heater, which is laid on the ceiling, on the walls and floor. Then sheathed heater with various materials (plastic, MDF, t. D.). After that, do waterproofing and held lighting. This method of glazing is not cheap at all, but in this way you create yourself one more extra space in which you can do, such as work area.

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