When is the best to install windows

Most people believe that the replacement or installation of plastic windows in winter - a bad idea that will not lead to anything good. But this is not true - replacement windows available, and this procedure has a lot of advantages for the winter season.

First of all, you are sure to save (in the cold season is always smaller orders from the brigade responsible for the installation of windows) and you obviously will not have to wait long for workers who are setting windows. You may even run into a nice discount and interesting bonuses from shops selling plastic windows.

Many believe that the wide open window (and in our case, and non-existent for some time) immediately will lead to deformation of wooden furniture, wallpaper, baseboards, flooring, etc. There is much truth, but there are for one thing. In fact, for the replacement of windows in the same room team of skilled installers of power required 35 minutes of work.

Even the installation of curbs outdoors in winter - far more insecure employment. Because borders are poorly attached due Icy cement. And, if you live in a private home, and you want your site obdelat properly - it may be a good idea for the sake of saving your budget.

But safety threshold during installation of a new "plastic" when the temperature outside is 20 degrees, would be approximately 40 minutes in full-open or missing in a small room windows. During this time, the room did not even have time to be frozen (or rather, begins to freeze only). But just in case, of course, is not superfluous to learn from it, all of that can be (made of wood and perishable items from the cold).

You will still not change the window at the same time in all the rooms or areas - so the transfer of items is justified! This is perhaps the only negative is logically justified the installation of windows in the winter season, and the observance of these tips - not a necessity.

Well, another plus repair winter as a whole will be that the summer is better to devote to rest. It is not necessary to spend warm days in the landscaping of the home.

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