The best way to extend the life of your bath

Restoration of bathtubs - the best way to extend the life of your old tub. We deal with major moments of recovery enamel bath with his hands.

It is sad, but the bath, like any other piece of life, has its own life span, and none of them ever can not serve. Regardless of the manner of operation (active or gentle) snowy once enamel is coated gradually rust spots, chipped, or cracked. And once a bright and smooth enamel coating becomes dull and rough.

Brought to such a state of the bath can be considered infinitely, filled with water, dilute vinegar, but it is nothing to put in its original state will not help. Use as a bath quite unpleasant. In this case, we can offer several solutions, namely: to take no action and continue to enjoy a bath; spend decent money to hire craftsmen and replace the old tub to a new, attempt to restore the enamel bath with his own hands, thus extending its operation, about five, six years.

Discuss the possibility of no action to "save" the bath, I think, here, does not make any sense. Let the careless and lazy owners of their baths remain today without our attention.

The second option - to buy a new bathroom. Of course the idea of ​​an excellent (and quite rare). But, unfortunately, in our time is expensive. If we consider that such a state bath "income" in the homes of the middle and lower-middle income.

There remains a third option - the restoration of the enamel surface on their own, at home. Note that practiced several techniques to restore the enamel bath with his hands. These techniques generally represent baths recovery technology.

bath recovery technology
bath recovery technology are as follows. All rust, chips, scratches should be thoroughly cleaned with sandpaper. In the present case there is a caveat - you need only use fine-grained paper. This will allow you to maintain a smooth clean surface, which is not unimportant in this case.

If rust spots are deeply ingrained in the enamel, you can try to treat them with oxalic acid. The composition and method of preparation of said solution is very simple. Thus, oxalic acid to be mixed with water, it must reach the consistency slurry. After that, a swab from any tissue, you need to apply this solution to the rust stain. After 30 minutes the bath is washed. Moreover wash must be carefully since left enamel acid can corrode.

Further, the surface of the bath, thus purified from spots, in accordance with classical bath recovery technology must be degreased. This is done swab that is moistened with acetone or gasoline. After this operation, the bath to be filled with hot water about 15 minutes, then drained and thoroughly dried enamel bath.

Keep in mind that when talking about drying enamel, I mean, is not that on the walls of the bath is not damp, and that it is not in the enamel pores. That is, the drying should be careful with the use of household appliances, in particular - the everyday fan. If this is not possible, try to arrange the bathroom normal draft. With the drying enamel preliminary phase is considered complete. Further it is possible to select several options enamel recovery.

Restoration of enamel bath
Options recovery enamel bath is actually a little: the primer and application of the new enamel; c use glue BF-2 with dry whitewash; use glue "Supercement" and nitroemali; use paint to restore the baths (nitro)

I propose to consider, for example, the use of a primer with a new enamel. So, you must first apply primer. It is better to use a primer from an aerosol can, as it has such a strong odor. In this case, shake the can (mixing enamel) should be as long as the ball is in the cartridge will not be knocking evenly and clearly.

The very first coat should be applied to all repairable coating bath. Then give the first coat to dry thoroughly. Then plot the enamel. Enamel is better to buy a bank, but not in the can (much thinner). Applied enamel tissue swab can be applied to a small roller. Total bath was treated three times (three layers). It is desirable to dry the fan.

After drying, about an hour or two, better surface wipe solvent. A day after 2-3 days, using a special tool to restore the enamel bath as paleroli just polish.

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