What are the standard sizes from wooden windows

Standard sizes of windows, along with a balcony windows and doors that define building regulations of GOST and SNiP. These regulations set out the standard sizes of wooden windows typical houses, compiled based on:

- light intensity requirements of the rooms;
- purpose structures (whether designed for living rooms);
- size of the room;
- level of illumination outdoors (taking into account the geographical location of the buildings);
- light transmission window units (the number of glass panes, their pollution).

However, the standard sizes of wooden windows as a panel houses P44, P44T, P46, and one and the same building separately, may be different from a few millimeters to a few centimeters. Available standard dimensions of windows typical of the old and new model homes (panel, brick, wood, Stalin), make manufacturers strive for them is by designing buildings to facilitate future rather than complicate, work to replace old windows in the New.

For example: folding, wooden and PVC windows of the new standard five-story building have a standard size of 1300 * 1400 mm. In "Khrushchev" are those sizes will be: 1300 * 1350 mm (minimum, for a narrow window sill), 1450 * 1500 mm (up to a wide window sill).

Thus, having an idea about the type of home can be enough to objectively determine the size of the required windows and calculate their price.
To make measurements of this nature is better to use the services of professionals.
But do not forget that today's exclusive range of wooden windows has a huge range of models of all shapes and sizes.

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