How to install a toilet without corrugations?

Rigid connection with toilet sewage pipe not only makes it possible to install a toilet bowl as near as possible to the wall, but reliably provides a compound thereof.

What you need to know to install a toilet without connecting corrugations?

An indispensable element in this assembly is a special pipe.

It is a straight tube or curved, made from plastic. He and the pipe and connects the sewer hole with the release of the toilet.

If the pipe is not built-in mounting member, you will need to funnel the toilet, special sealing lip, and an adapter for the hole in the sewer pipe.

It is advisable to purchase a valve to the toilet, which is put into the tube, and reliably will provide protection from reverse receipt drains in the toilet bowl.

Fittings to the bowl must be chosen after its location is accurately determined with respect to the soil pipe.

If the sanitary ware has an angular output, then you will be quite short, straight pipe, so that it can be installed to drain the hole very close.

Correction slight mismatch apertures is adjusted using the eccentric shaped element which creates a slight shift pin tube socket against the toilet.

If the toilet Horizontal or vertical outlet, they require the use of elbow.

In this case it is possible to use as a standard unitaznye knee and special plumbing transformers, making it possible to easily change the length of the nozzle and its angle of inclination.

Next, begin immediate installation of the toilet without corrugations.

If you have a tube equipped with a seal, it is sufficient to simply clips to release the bowl, and the entrance to the sewer pipe, and special ring crank until it stops.

For ordinary shaped element, this procedure is more complicated.

One end of the pipe by means of adapters or seal installed in a sewage drain hole. Then the cuff is worn to the free socket, and toilet bowl outlet inserted pipe. Then, the edge seal gut-wrenching, securely and above the joint space.

The final stage of mounting the toilet - is filling his cup with water to check connections tightness.

If a leak is detected - to start its operation.

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