How to make the installation of a liquid floor

Floor inlet device technology depends on the type of material used and the method of its loading at which the coating surface normal liquid acquires special decorative linoleum quality. In spite of the many ways of pouring liquid floor all of them can be combined into one device self-leveling floor technology, thus to answer the question - how to make self-leveling floor in a house or apartment?

Mounted liquid floor should only be prepared by the overlapping area, is meant for preparation cleaning the floor of the decorative material, the alignment surface or minor repair and subsequent priming base.

Liquid linoleum can be installed on concrete, reinforced concrete, cement or even wooden surfaces floors, decorative material if the floor is strong enough, the self-leveling floor can hold and over finish. However, for qualitative devices of liquid floor slab surface it is strongly recommended to clean from the fabric, align the floor and make a wet cleaning in the room.

After initial training floor, ceiling surface should be primed priming is necessary for increase liquid adhesion with the linoleum floor surface and prevent air in the liquid composition bubbles.

Mount liquid floor must at a temperature of 5 to 25? C in a room with ventilated off and sealed doors and windows closed, these requirements must be observed both during filling and hardening self-leveling floor.

Working mixture to prepare self-leveling floor correctly in portions after cooking composition may be used only for for 15-20 minutes, respectively, and prepare the material necessary to the extent that can be spent in a given period. Before preparing the working mixture you need to prepare a tool for pouring liquid floor, to work need a needle roller and notched trowel or an ordinary.

Pouring a liquid on a floor bearing floor fidelity must strips, a first strip should be formed near the farthest wall of the entrance to the premises, the bandwidth may be 30 to 80 cm. After filling the first strip, the solution must be rolled spiked roller, it will flatten composition and to release air bubbles in the winding zones solution if necessary, can podravnjat spatula.

After forming the first liquid floor strips can start creating the second parallel strips, and thus make self-leveling floor in the whole house at home, finishing work floor should be kept up to full hardening material.

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