How to install bars on the windows metallichiskuyu

What material many consider the most reliable and durable? It's no secret that this metal has earned recognition, due to the significant time and high quality service. Products made from this material are commonplace in our everyday life. A special role is played by the metal structure, designed to protect the room from the entry of unwanted visitors, ie. E. metal grilles on windows.

Today it is difficult to imagine a lattice made of any other material other than metal, because it is different durability and strength. When it comes to window bars, the undoubted advantage of such protection is that it does not prevent the penetration of sunlight and does not hide the view from the window. It often happens that window bars are not only a measure of protection, but also a beautiful decoration, decoration element of the building, designed to give it an original and elegant appearance.

Such gratings are made-to-order for them to create drawings of the designer. They emphasize the taste of home owner can tell a lot about their wealth and social status. Sometimes a company asks you to select a grid of the proposed range, tend to be quite rich. But if the customer was not satisfied none of the samples, it can offer your own design.

Of all the types of the most widely used welding gratings. They are made of metal strips, tubes, rods. And uncomplicated manufacturing technology makes them more affordable and accessible to virtually everyone. Custom-made cast often make lattice serving as a home for untouchability, and to decorate the facade of the house.

Installation metal grilles on windows, Whether they are forged or welded, produced strictly according to the rules. Installation is possible in two different ways:

  • When mounting the grille protrudes slightly above the surface of the wall.
  • Grille set into the ends of the opening. It can be on the same plane with the wall or is recessed into the window opening.

To decide how to put the lattice on the windows must also measure the stage prior to the manufacture of the product. Of course, such work is best left to the professionals, in order to avoid mistakes, because of which will have to completely remodel the product.

Measurements are made at three points in both height and width. The first measurement point is located in the center, the other two - on the edges of the right and left respectively. Take when the grille is recommended minimum values, and even to reduce them to 3.2 cm, as in the masonry can be skewed. And when the grille is installed, on the contrary, we need the maximum measurements with the addition of the same 2-3 cm. After finishing this step is performed sketch of the lattice, and then calculated how much material must be used. Strictly following sketch metal cut and then welded. When the grill is ready, you can begin installing it on the client window.

Several distinct installation and installation methods, they depend mainly on the material from which the wall is made. If a house made of bricks, it is best to use a hammer drill with a diameter of 16 cm, not less. In mortgages cement layer to make pin holes with a depth of about 12 cm. It is essential that the pins out of the holes a couple of centimeters. These holes is three on the right and the left. A top and bottom can be done by two. Comply with this order is necessary for a more reliable and durable fastening of the lattice. In this preparatory work can be completed and to begin by the grating welded to the ends of the pins.

If the grille is mounted on a brick wall, then drill the required number of holes, and then do the layout for welded lugs, attach the product to the window. Holes are drilled at right angles, but obliquely, that is necessary for greater reliability. Then lay the pins and welded lattice itself. In the same way the installation is carried out on the concrete walls.

If the grating is placed on a wall made of wooden beams, for greater reliability using the long bolts passing through All timber thickness, which is drilled in the rod through holes, and lugs are fixed directly to the wall studs. At the ends of the bolts on the inside walls of the nuts are tightened.

Also, to ensure the reliability when the grille on wooden bars between the frames and outside Additional welded eyelets to further consolidate the product to the ends of the window opening screws. Diameter screw reaches 10-12 mm, and their length - about 10 cm. After installing the lattice need to putty and paint all the attachment points to give the accuracy of the assembly.

properly installed metal grilles on windows They serve for many years and reliably protect the house from unwanted guests.

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