Tips for a successful installation of polycarbonate

  • Before beginning installation of polycarbonate sheets to prevent condensation from forming in the cells should be kept in a dry place for several days. If the condensate could accumulate, they can blow compressed air.
  • To design the roof of the greenhouse polycarbonate sheets necessary so as to provide drain precipitation.
  • To ensure the condensate drain line edges and the slope of the roof must match.
  • One side of a polycarbonate coated with a protective layer against UV radiation. When assembling this layer should be arranged outside.
  • To avoid mechanical damage to the protective film sheet is removed only after the completion of installation.
  • Given that the polycarbonate is very easy to thermal expansion to avoid excessive clamping sheets during its fastening. For this reason, the hole diameter of the fixing screw should exceed 6 mm screw diameter. These actions will help to avoid bending or stresses in the structure.
  • Channels sheets can not be left open, because they can get the dust, moisture or insects. The lower edge of the sheet must okleit ribbon, water vapor permeable. The upper edge okleivayut special impermeable adhesive tape of width equal to the width of the sheet. Due to the permeate stream, water vapor pressure inside the channels and being in aligned air. In addition, the top edges of the sheets are closed profiles.
  • It is recommended to periodically clean the surface of the sheets from contamination, making use of soft detergents and sponge. Use abrasives, solvents or hard brushes are strictly prohibited! This applies particularly to the side of the sheet with the applied protection against UV rays.

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