Technology and installation of infrared heater

More and more consumers ranked the problem of energy savings and reduce the cost of housing commissioned in recent years is finding new methods and solutions. New technologies that have appeared in recent years, makes it possible, in reality, if not completely make home-volatile, but in any case, make it less energy-intensive.

One embodiment of the energy savings, both in residential and office space, infrared technology is a ceiling electric heating.

ceiling heater
ceiling heater

Unlike traditional heating systems - steam, water or electric, using infrared heaters will better carry out the heating of the premises at a lower cost electricity.

The essence of this technology is that traditional heating systems primarily produce heated air, and after that air Heating produces interior items, infrared heaters are based on a different principle - they heat objects, and they, in turn, heated air.

Another ridge of a heating technology is a reasonable allocation phase heaters work. Unlike traditional heating infrared heaters are mounted on a specially prepared surface, in other words, the ceiling space insulated layer of insulation material, do not miss the cold indoors and preventing its premature cooling.

This approach enables alternation cycle of heating to the cooling cycle, thus in contrast to the constant heat source infrared panel included at least achieve a minimum room temperature value programmed in the control unit heaters.

In addition, the positive aspect is also the small size of heaters of this type, they do not take up much space and can be mounted both on the wall and a ceiling panels.

Installation of infrared heaters

Infrared electric panels today are marketed in the form of ready-made panels with decorative elements finishing and set of control equipment, and in the form of individual parts requiring assembly, and further improvement.

Ready-made panel using the kit included in the fixing elements are fixed to the prepared layer of insulation. On heaters that require further work is necessary to carry out additional manipulations - especially to calculate the load electric cables, pick up the control unit, the correct cut and fix heating elements.

The first step in mounting the panels is a device insulation layer - installation of insulation mineral wool packing heat-reflecting foil layer, and already only then directly mounting panels.

The film, which consists of an electric infrared heater, deposited on the cut marks and sequentially connect an electric cable according to the instruction. Copper terminals are tightly pressed against, and the joints are sealed with mastic, in addition, the mastic treated and place cable connections. Film at the marked locations are fixed by means of dowels with a large hat on the ceiling. The power supply cable in the ceiling space dressed in a corrugated sleeve, and output to the installation of the control unit.

Heaters are installed at least 20 cm away from the wall, due to the fact that the radiation dispersal area was as much as possible and extended to the interior, rather than the wall. Installed infrared ceiling heaters sealed decorative coating according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

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