How to pokleit wallpaper on the painted surface

Sometimes there are situations when it is necessary to make repairs quickly and without much to lose in quality. Of course, before pokleit new wallpaper, it is best to get rid of old coatings. Thus, we will extend the results of our work for many years, but it happens that this is not always successful.

Before you begin to glue the wallpaper on the painted surface, you need to carefully figure out what exactly has been painted wall, which was a part of. The surface on which the paint based on an aqueous emulsion, can be just wash. For this purpose a conventional soap solution, which then wetted coating and removed using a spatula. The remnants of water-based paint washed off with a damp sponge.

The walls, painted enamel or oil paint, cleaning does not make sense. For the simple reason that it will take a lot of time and takes you a lot of effort. Spatula should only clean the places where the paint itself begins to fall off. Then, the entire surface you want pokleit wallpaper, should be treated with coarse sandpaper - this will allow the glue to soak into the qualitative structure of the walls, then we must go primer. It is desirable to lubricate the surface of the wall has special impregnation, which can strengthen the stronger the wallpaper on the walls.

Save on glue in the case of the painted surface can not. Should buy only high-quality materials. For example, suitable mixture of PVA wallpaper paste, diluted 1: 2. The joints are glued in the ratio 2: 1 (two PVA).

Vinyl wallpaper is not recommended - the glue releases moisture after drying, and it can not be absorbed into the painted surface.
Oiling cloth, apply a lot of glue is not necessary, should follow a uniform, moderate layer. Better to wait until the glue soaked. If you are using, you do not need to be impregnated wallpaper instead of wallpaper paste plain water with PVA.

When kleite painted wallpaper on the walls, remember that you can not stick to the walls of the dark bright wallpaper, as it may turn out that the dark color will show through the wallpaper.

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