The easiest way to make a pond in the summer cottage?

What a nice hot summer sitting under a shady canopy of the tree, enjoy the game in the glare created with his own hands a decorative pond on their own summer cottage. Quiet smooth surface creates neither an incomparable sense of peace, tranquility.

Landscaping garden with his hands quite the real deal. It would wish. Necessary for the construction of the pond all the familiar and rather simple materials: a very strong film, hose, spirit level, shovel, stone bead, cement, sand. Well, some of the plant.

To begin construction of the planned reservoir should be to determine its location. It is desirable to select a location on a remote station from several trees so that they do not obstruct the sun, do not clog the water leaves and branches do not accidentally pierced film coating pond bottom.

Calculate the required amount of film is not difficult. For example, the width of the pond to 200cm. Length 260sm., A depth of 80cm. 420sm need size film. x 360sm. (((80h2) 260) x ((80h2) +200)).

Having defined the place, you can begin to the process of construction. To do this, you need a strong rope (hose) to identify the perimeter of the pit. Then dig a trench itself, leaving nothing acute (rocks, roots), so as not to damage the film. During the excavation of the pit, you can leave a few projections for the pots under the plants.

At the bottom of the pit dug to put the board, a spirit level to check the levelness of the surface. Pour wet sand thickness of about 8 cm. in order to protect the film. Further, should lay a film of the pit bottom, its edges are pressed stones (possible bricks) to prevent film slippage. If the film formed surplus - trimmed, leaving about 20cm hem. wide around the perimeter of the pond. Then, using a hose can be filled with ready-made building with water, smoothing the folds formed.

It remains only to cement the edges, laying their stones to camouflage lining boards and films.

You can decorate the pond with water plants (water lilies), as plants are able not only to decorate the pond, but also saturate the water with oxygen. Moreover, they prevent the development of undesirable algae. But oversaturate pond plants are not worth it. Just select a plant no more than a third of the pond.

And, of course, not be superfluous, if you settle in a pond some of the most unpretentious fish.

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