Little secrets of the master, or how to stack a tile on the floor with their hands

In connection with the constant rise in price of construction materials and the impoverishment of the population, people are increasingly trying to do repair and construction works themselves, and often make fatal errors, because not every wizard opens its secrets.

In order to begin to lay wall tiles on the floor, you need such a tool: comb spatula (for uniform application of the adhesive); rubber mallet (to tiles at pristukivanii not bursting); level of 70 cm, the cord (styling center mark).; usually 1.5 meter (to check plane over a large area), a rubber
Spatula (grout) Tile or "Bulgarian" with circle on concrete.

We now turn to the materials: ceramic tile floor, tile adhesive universal, color mix for seams (under your tile), plastic cross (for setting uniform joints). If you purchased an inexpensive tile, then for uniform joints need a thicker core diameter than the crosses (due to uneven tile size), you can buy the nails of diameter, that you like, such as 70 mm.

The first stage - floor markings

. But to start with the pattern stitches, there are several types of styling, you can keep the seam parallel to the walls, and can be done in the form of a rhombus. Pros and cons of direct suture. It looks nice, but if you're not an expert, and at the same time a long room, there is a chance that there will be an uneven seam. But for this, and there is a diamond-shaped tile laying, in this type of work is very hard to go wrong. But this work begins with the angle. If, however, styling seam is straight, then the center of the room to stretch cord that will provide a level as a string installation. Across the thread to be stacked normally, so that the first number is not lost and has not violated the directness of the cross seam.

The second stage - tiling. The main rule of construction, the routing of the first tile, and will further work, if done correctly, is level and met the joint border, then your work is followed by the tiles will accelerate and bring great result. A little bit of trimming if necessary to cut the tiles for more than five centimeters, then the job will cope and Tile, but if less than five centimeters, then need a "Bulgarian", while cutting do not forget to wear glasses, take care of your health.

The last stage - the seams. After the tile has settled and cleaned, begin to pile joints, this is done using a rubber spatula. Doing this job, do not rush, gently hammer the seams, leaving no gaps.

And in the end I want to say, remember, any construction work requires special attention and dedication, it was then - all you get.

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