Repair ceiling in the kitchen

All the old kitchens have an interesting similarity - their ceilings are either whitewashed or painted with emulsion paint.

Today it is no longer fashionable, and such repair is quite messy and impractical. You have to use a lot of manpower. And if finishing materials will be enough good quality, then after a short period of time will turn yellow and the ceiling would require a new repair.

If we do not convince you, and you decide to make painting, then carefully prepare the ceiling, or rather its surface, to this very important event. Align it zashpatlyuyte all cracks, crevices and gaps, sand the excess, and only then proceed to paint. Movements have to do a lot, but there is one plus - the minimum amount of investment. Of course, if you do all your own work. If you have any yellow spots, you need to cover them with dirt alkyd paint, preferably white color, and then they can be masked by conventional painting.

It is possible to give preference to the suspended ceiling, which is able to hide all the flaws of the old coating with the least effort for you. It is mounted on a special rack and a metal frame, the surface can be given any shape. Also, it is a big plus - soundproofing.

The ultra-modern and fairly practical option, which is now regarded as the best, - ceilings. His undeniable and compelling advantages: neat design, ease of use, moisture resistance and increased strength. Such a ceiling is ideal for the kitchen. Of course, this is a very expensive option, but the savings will never lead to positive results, especially if it concerns repair. Keep this in mind when choosing the material for finishing the ceiling on your kitchen area.

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