How to build your house cheaply and quickly?

Too many of us think about the idea to build his own house, which must on the one hand to meet the all the usual requirements of comfort, not less than a city apartment, and on the other hand, should make us happy proximity to nature. In addition, we want as much as possible to save time and money for the construction.

How do you build your home cheaply and quickly? There are several ways:

1. Handmade - completely independently, without involving professionals. In this case, you are trying to save on labor force, get a lot of headaches that can lead to a tightening of time, deterioration in the quality of work and to unforeseen additional costs in the event of your errors. Carefully weigh the "pros" and "cons" and correctly assess their strength.

2. Attraction "freelancers" - shabashniks Brigade. It is important in this case to use only trusted people you can recommend friends to whose work done, you can see and communicate with past customers, to get enough information to make well-considered solutions.

3. Involving several organizations specialized contractors. For example, you enter into a contract for the installation of foundations with one company for the construction of the wall on the other hand, roof mounts a third organization, communication, and perform a few more finishing contractors. This method can lead to an effect, despite the seeming at first glance, the economy and professionalism not coordination between different contractors is similar to what took place in the famous fable "The Swan, cancer and pike. " In addition, it will be difficult to make a complaint to one person at emerging issues in the further exploitation of house contractors, since it is very likely that they will shift the responsibility from their shoulders to the other participants construction. It will be very difficult to look for the individual responsible for the defects and shortcomings.

4. Signing a contract with a contractor to build a house "turnkey". It's not the cheapest option, but the most reliable, subject to the basic rules. It is very important right to conclude contract for services in which the right degree to take into account their interests. Construction company provide for the conclusion of a standard agreement, which at first glance is very fair for both sides, but in fact has a number of small, not flashy, reservations, protecting the interests of the contractor, to the detriment of your interests.

Often, there are explicit "wiring" or tricks, which have traditionally resorted to building the organization to increase attractiveness of its services compared to competitors and to reduce its liability in the event of poor performance works.

What tricks are used contract building organizations?

1. Do not say in a conversation with a potential customer about the ultimate value of the property as a whole or m2 "turnkey", if it is not directly asked. They give voice to the price, for example, without communication, without finishing, etc. Therefore, it turns out it is the final price and requires the name of the price in the contract.

2. Indicate in the contract obviously insufficient individual works and meet the cost of it, and then demand surcharges, referring to the fact that the limit specified in the contract and paid by you exhausted and need extra financing. For example, the treaty contains 200 m2 area of ​​the roof, you pay the amount of the contract, the final cost of a little rejoicing, but in reality the roof of your home area of ​​300 m2. In an effort to still finish building a house, you pay an additional amount over and above those mentioned in the contract. To avoid such troubles requires the inclusion in the contract agreement points like this: "For the correct execution of payments shall be fully responsible contractor. All unrecorded in the contract of work and materials are fully paid by the contractor. "

When concluding the contract, be very careful and better to consult a lawyer. Then you can build your own house cheaply, quickly and efficiently.

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