Replacing wiring and water pipes in the apartment with his hands

It is no secret that most of us still live in apartments built in the last century. Of course, during that time, no metal can not bear such overload time temperature difference. We're talking now about the water pipes in the apartments.

So, nowhere to go, it's time to change the tube! Or be a disaster!

Replace the pipe and can be resorted to the help of a professional plumber. But not always allow finances to do it painlessly for the family budget! So you need to take a heroic decision and replace their own, with their own hands.

Plumber, too, man! However, with some experience. But it is all so sad? Let's take a look and examine how the replacement of pipes difficult and impossible complexity event!

Replacement of water pipes - material and equipment

To date, our market is packed with all sorts of suggestions. So that problems with the necessary materials for high-quality repair is simply not there. The word "deficit" tightly thing of the past!

So, go ahead to the market in search. And today use 4 types of water pipes: pipe, galvanized steel, copper, plastic, metal and plastic.

Each type of data pipe has its own advantages and disadvantages. Each type of your lifetime. Everyone has their own method of installation.

For instance in copper tube assembly is only possible with a homogeneous material. Metal pipes easier. These are used as screw and welding connections. More modern material is plastic or metal pipes. About them today and talk.

Replacing old water pipes with modern metal-plastic or plastic imply several mounting methods. For those and other need the following equipment:

- Press-ticks, which are used for the method of press-fitting

- calibration scan is required for pressfitting method

- a spirit level, sandpaper, glue, for "cold" welding. True, this method is used less and less.

- electric, a special tool with interchangeable tips, it is for the "hot" welding.

- cutter, ie Special shears for plastic pipes

- bender for plastic pipes

Thus, the methods of replacing the water pipes in apartment

There are three ways:

  • Press-fitting. With this method of joining pipes occurs by means of crimping sleevesWhich in turn is equipped with a plastic insert. On press-fitting worn tube, wherein the end of pre-expanded calibration scan. Oh, and then left to make molding Press-ticks crimp sleeve press-fitting.

Sealing compounds, in this case, it is required in the area of ​​the pipe with a tap connection.

  • "Cold welding. The fastest way, but it should be noted that the hot water portion of the gas from the column to the mixer must be galvanized or polypropylene tube. Cut the tube hacksaw, I treat the inner and outer edge sipped sandpaper elements and glue compound. It must be remembered that the adhesive sets within 15 seconds! And it is very fast! Need skill and precise, measured movements!
  • Diffuser, in other words "hot" welding. In another way, it is called soldering. It consists in that in a special soldering iron heated simultaneously both compounds element. Seams are obtained very strong and are no different from a simple soldering metal. It is best to perform this procedure with the assistant. Otherwise, good luck not to see! This type of adhesions is very durable and reliable. Be very careful, because heating the soldering temperature, in the operating condition is equal to 260 degrees.
  • When replacing the plastic pipes you will need a tube bender. With the tube bender of the pipe bend at the required angle, gently, without kinks.

After completion of all works, please do not forget to check whether the quality of the pipe are connected at joints. What a short time, turn on the water supply and check the soldering and the joints between the pipes. If you hide the pipe in the wall, it is only after a thorough inspection proceed to the lining of the walls! But we must remember that all the shut-off valve should be within your reach in case of an accident or a pipe break.

So scared only the beginning! A bit of skill, courage and pipe in your apartment will be replaced by a new fast, clean. Qualitative and for years to come !!!

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