Benefits tiles of Bohemian glass

Ceramic tiles of Bohemian glass - this is the original product on the Russian market. He performed in the Czech Republic, in the region of Bohemia.

The main distinguishing feature of it - it's a great design. This design is based on a unique method of production technology. The fact that the tiles perfectly plays with light. It creates a great optical effect. Due to the internal space structure of the tile, the light rays passing therethrough, refracted at the surface and create a motion effect and scope. In this tile has a fairly large range of colors and formats.

There is a floor and wall tiles. In residential interiors tiles are usually used for bathrooms, kitchens, halls for. Its scope does not differ from the application of ceramic tiles. Tiles of Bohemian glass is best to stack on latex adhesive or akrilosoderzhaschy, that is elastic. She cut ordinary glass cutter, and it is possible to drill holes with special drills. Tiles from bohemian glass has zero water absorption, which is particularly important when it is placed in the plane of the pools.

In addition, it does not fade and do not become cloudy over time. This is one of its most important advantages. Caring for this tile is much easier than ceramic. After all, it does not settle on the mud, and do not get divorced fungi. And it is much more convenient to exploitation. This tile hard enough, especially if the whole design mounted on a wall or on the floor. Stoning as possible and smooth surfaces as well as convex arches, but it needs to use the tile small format.

Designers love this stuff for unlimited ability to play with the space to create a volume in space, to work with light.

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