If you decide to build on the site of the bath timber

If you decide to build on the site of the bath timber, you must define some things in advance. For example, whether to do it yourself or by a specialist? In many cases, the costs of experts based on the results turn out to be more productive than if the cause is taken the owner who does not have a good experience. Professionals-builders can take absolutely all the stages of work on the construction of a bath on your site, including the design and foundation.

Choosing material for a future building, many factors must be considered - that climate conditions in your area, and personal preferences, and the amount you are willing to spend on the construction of bath. If you wanted to build a sauna from a bar, it is useful to read the following recommendations.

The project for the bath

For a bath can be used as a ready-made designs that you like, and independent development. A material such as timber, deep foundation does not require, so construction will not take a lot of time.

building materials

For what reasons among building materials of wood still trying to stay on a bar:

  • bar does not require careful caulking;
  • compound density for installation is somewhat higher and the structure of the thermal conductivity is lowered;
  • savings on the finish.

The construction of baths

Build bathhouse is necessary only because of good quality material. Not suitable timber with traces of wood pests, however, long cracked, knotty, or with spots of rot.

Foundation must be chosen depending on soil type. For compacting and forest soils suitable strip foundation for clay soil, loam - columnar.

Before laying wreaths between the beam and the foundation necessary to ensure waterproofing. Applied to the base layer and bitumen roofing felt plank.

Laying of the first crown - the most important stage. The design of the entire structure will depend precisely on this. Quality checked laying leveling instrument. On the crown of bars laid section of 200x200 mm.

The first two crown after placing vertical pegs fastened. Similarly, stacked and fastened subsequent crowns.

Window and door openings

It is better to cut the finished bath - it's much easier. In addition, the bath after the construction has to settle down a bit, and then sawn openings does not lead in due course.

Thermal insulation of wooden baths

Konopatku easier to carry out at the assembly stage. Can use moss, hemp, tucking them between the crowns. If the caulk ready frame, will have to push the material into the cracks, and it is more difficult and less effective. Builders generally use artificial materials - work with them more convenient. Yet in its natural thermal insulation characteristics far surpass them.

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