As to warm water in a plastic tube

At the first severe cold owners of private houses often face a problem of freezing of water pipes. The reasons for that can be multiple: errors in calculations depth of pipes, a small amount of water used, an abnormally low temperature, etc.

Since the metal and plastic of communication - something quite practical, but at the same time, quite fragile, traditional methods of defrosting can not do here.

Method one: hot water defrost

  • Pros: The most gentle for pipes mode.
  • Cons: significant time costs.

You will need:

  • steel wire to length;
  • gidrouroven;
  • insulating tape;
  • Esmarch mug or enema with a large amount;
  • container (preferably a bucket) to collect spilling water.

By deployed gidrourovnya attached tape steel wire. For a better patency wire end rolled into a loop and fastened on the tube gidrourovnya 1-1.5 below. Since the frictional force on the frozen water would be significant, to fasten the entire structure should be thoroughly. At the opposite end is fixed gidrourovnya mug douches. If such was not at hand, it is necessary to pour water from the enema. Under the tube set a high capacity for collecting liquid.

Smoothly, without sudden movements not to damage the pipes, prior to promote adaptation ice plugs. Then constantly add hot water to the cup Esmarch. Hot water will gradually melt the ice formed, squeezing the water formed in the substituted bucket. As soon as the pipe is thawed, the device should promote further to cork closure.

The same principle can be applied to use with other instruments. For example, icy water to place the plastic pipe (see to it that the end of the tap with built remained outside). The mixed hot water is pumped into the plastic tube. The released water from draining into the substituted bucket. Continue until all the defrosting system.

Method two: heating an ice plug electricity

  • Pros: fast enough results.
  • Cons: water system damage risk, high risk of injury.

You will need:

  • two-wire copper required length;
  • common plug for the power socket;
  • pump;
  • container liberated water.

With copper wire removed the upper layer of insulation. One lived gently (so as not to damage the insulation) is bent in the opposite direction. In the remaining wires removed insulation and tight to each other wound coils 5-6. Remains veins removed cutters. After 3 mm to remove the second conductor insulation and wind the same coils. Then trace to the turns of living not in contact to prevent short circuits. On the opposite end of the wire mounted plug.

Carefully advance the wire into the tube until they reach the plug, and then connect the device to the outlet. Attention! The procedure is very traumatic, so take care of personal protective equipment and to remove children from work area. Once frozen portion piece (about 1 meter) to be defrosted, turn off the device, pump out the water pump and proceed gradually defrost the frozen whole system

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