How to Build a pergola svimi hands?

Indispensable "attributes" on the sites hosts were considered the gazebo, which serve not only a place for a family vacation, meeting guests on nature, but also make a kind of landscape color.

How to choose a location for the construction of the gazebo?

Most of the time in the construction carried out in the summer. In this connection, they erected in pritemnennyh places, such as under trees or near water bodies.

What kind of gazebo you choose?

In stores you can buy ready-made. They are installed during the summer season and the winter cleaned again, ie time.

Capitally constructed gazebo remain in place for a long time. So the choice of the base and its construction should be approached responsibly.

The initial phase of work

Prepare construction scheme gazebo with its size and construction materials.

Initially starting to foundation work. From his fortress depends on the strength of the entire structure. The foundation made in the shape of pillars made of concrete or stone.

The type of soil on the site plays an important role in the stability of the pergola. The best option would be the foundation of 6 columns. Recommend the outside wrap them with foil to prevent soil freezing in winter.

Construction of wooden arbors start with the markup using roulette. Typically, the parties reach a width of 2 m, and a length of 3 m. Use rope and also wooden stakes for accurate marking. Be sure to leave a little space for a gazebo, to make it easier to build and repair facilities.

Ground surface clearing of weeds, the upper layer of soil are removed if necessary shovel.

In the corners and in the middle of the wall construction is prepared holes 150 mm to fill the posts solution. They necessarily antiseptics treated or coated with special lacquer, enamel, promazyvayut fat to protect it from excessive moisture and fungal infections timber.

The recess poured river sand, then the gravel, and the ram beam is set using the level. Fixed rails. Fill in the hole with cement mortar and leave until completely pour a few days.

The main parts of the arbor

To the top of the pillars fixed beams with screws (50 mm by 100 mm). For the strength of binding to the overlapping bars make cuts in the form of a rectangle, so they can be inserted into each other.

To make the base floors - is placed on supporting pillars beam 150 mm by 150 mm. Floor screed laid still cant of 100 mm by 50 mm at the middle of each side. Top cover edged boards. Floor covering the gazebo may be different, for example, the use of paving tiles or flat decorative stone.

The roof can be hipped gable or made of colored slate, shingles, trapezoidal sheet, etc.

In the first embodiment, the rafters in a total amount of 4 pieces attached to the sides arbor (reminiscent of the capital letter "A"), and the rails joined to each other horizontally, to then ligamentous beam. The same principle and hipped roof with the addition of 4 trusses from the middle of each wall.

At the end of major works go for interior decoration.

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