What to do when the tiles in the bathroom begins to rust

It is the only annoying thing is when the tile begins to rust. Then it is impossible to do anything in the room where there is a tile. In general, there comes a stalemate. Yes, what can there be a question. If we imagine the first couple that you have to do to fix the situation, it can be horrified by such thoughts. After all, breaking the always easy, and cost is always difficult.

Is to talk about repairing the bathroom. Put all on the shelves. Of course, you need to start from the home. Let's start with the height, that is, from the ceiling. Now there are several ways to make a beautiful ceiling in the bathroom. The options are many. You can do the suspended ceiling. You can make a ceiling on antiquated old method. There are many options you choose.

Select high-quality tile is no easy task. And put it in the bathroom even more difficult. Tiles on the wall in the bathroom should look natural. Figures tiles must be tightly next to each other. This also applies to the floor. layout scheme should be the same. tile is processed with the help of special tools. See which ones fit your tile. After all, there are many types of tiles and each requires an individual approach. Consequently, the funds will also be individual.

Of course, there are a couple of these, so to speak, "my grandmother", which are suitable for almost any tile:

1. Tile cleaning using soda. Takes soda, water tank, and naturally, the water itself. You pour the soda in a bowl, pour it all with water and produce a solution wash the tiles. This solution will kill all the microbes and do not give the fungus settles on your plate. When washing the tiles need to use a soft sponge, as there is a risk that you damage the hard sponge enamel tiles, and it will not be as shiny as before.
2. So the second way - to apply when buying a tile immediately to a specialist and ask him, what means it can be washed, and which it will spoil. So you securely store your purchase is still very new for many years.

Now there are many products for bathroom care. Even the most basic thing you can do it at least once a month to change the rug in the bathroom. To prevent mold on the tile in the bathroom. It is also concerned sponges and brushes. They also need to change. Never leave a hot plate at a wet rag. It promotes rot. And he removed quite severe ways.

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