The nuances of construction steam bath with his hands

Presence of own bath, is not only able to maintain the purity of the body, but also heals your body. In such a hospital is not only the process of cleansing the skin, but also excretion from the human body of harmful substances, the release of the accumulated fatigue and irritation.

In addition, the person gets an unforgettable pleasure of massage using birch broom. Therefore, to build steam desire many.

Features of construction of the bath with a steam room

  • 1. In order to build a sauna, you need to choose a place to meet fire safety requirements, since it is a fire hazard object. Therefore, the bath is always erected near the ponds and rivers, as well as the gardens, as far as possible from residential areas.
  • 2. Construction of steam implies a corresponding material, as not every tree is suitable for this purpose.
  • 3. In order to protect the necessary amount of steam and steam heat to be defined with the bath structure.

How to decorate steam bath, video

After the water source is selected location and a place for construction work, you can proceed to the process of development.

Wooden timber from softwood well as a suitable framework. Suitable for a vapor barrier aluminum foil, which must be put on the internal walls. With it felt foreign odor is not of such types of sealing material, as a tourniquet, tow et al., used when laying wooden beams as well as on the walls of the pair does not appear to be resin. Alder or aspen boards, air relief, the ceiling sheathe.

Construction of the steam room interior decoration

Birch and pine boards are not suitable for sex, as the birch - rot quickly, and conifers secrete resin when heated. Shelves best done from a linden. They have different levels of shelves dimensions must comply with human growth in a supine position. The bottom shelf is created for the person getting used to the heat, and the top - for high-quality steaming.


The most common embodiment of furnaces for steel baths is standard, because it is easy to operation and does not require large material costs for fuel, since wood - not an expensive option for data purposes. The furnace should have access to the dressing room in order to avoid additional financial costs any thermal device as coming from the front wall of the furnace heat obogreet everything room. Red bricks should be used for the isolation of the walls of the furnace exit.

Brickwork in contact with the walls must not, the gap between them should reach 2-3 cm., Since the expansion of the furnace during its heating can cause destruction of the brickwork. To heat longer preserved in the steam room, furnace brick laying used also to sharp metal temperature smoothed.

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