Both by making the suspended ceiling with a pattern night sky

Glossy ceiling - this is an interesting and unusual solution for any apartment.

These ceilings are practical and reliable. They look good and fit any interior. Glossy ceilings reflect well on any light source, have a smooth surface that is easy to wipe.

The huge advantage of these ceilings - is that they are visually expand the space and make it lighter.

How to make a glossy surface? Some finishing materials have properties of reflecting light, and so on. Etc.. About them a little more.
First option - it is glossy paint. If your ceiling is painted with glossy paint, you can easily wash, without even thinking about it, that the paint will disappear or something like that, so the best place where to use the paint - it is in the kitchen, so say many who have used this paint.

This paint can be painted surface of 10-12 m2 while spending only one liter. When using this ink has one big disadvantage, she does not hide flaws and even the most minor irregularities it stand out and it will be very noticeable.

The best option in the choice of colors - it is water-based paints, as well as silicone and latex.

Such paints are absolutely not afraid of water! Do not forget to pay attention to the paint was the indoor environment. It's not the cheapest option. But practical, and you can easily re-paint it if you suddenly tired of the color, or if suddenly scratched ceiling, you simply paint it and scratches will not be visible. This is a huge plus of this ceiling.
The second option - a glossy film. These ceilings can be used not only in the kitchen. This film has water-repellent properties, perfectly clean.

It is best to apply such a film on a suspended ceiling. The film is safe to stick by simply make the layout carefully cut the tape and glue. Avoid warps and folds. If suddenly formed a bubble, it is possible to accurately pierce a needle and air is expelled himself. Depending on the design, you can use the film as a different species and in different colors.
The third option - the tension glossy canvas. The main advantage of this option is the quick installation. Another advantage of this ceiling: it does not require any additional decoration.

If in the case of glossy fabric you think that the room will seem smaller because selects a ceiling height do not think so, it will be completely transparent with glossy ceilings.
The fourth option - Glossy panel PVC. This option is only suitable for kitchen, hallway, bathroom and balcony.

In the living room to make such a ceiling is not accepted. This ceiling is quite easy to do. Garnish glossy panel can be easily using overhead lamps or any spot lights fit well as addition.

Last but not least, the price of such a ceiling is the lowest, because the cost of the plastic itself is low. And no need to align the ceiling thanks to these panels.
The fifth option, modular glossy ceilings
Glass ceilings. The name of these ceilings explains its function itself, but not necessarily to use a natural glass, it can also be used acrylic, which is cheaper and stronger than usual.

Glass has a reflective effect, therefore, such frequently used for wet rooms. There are more expensive options, for example, is mirrored ceilings.

They look very original and are more widely used. Mirrored ceilings are used more often in nightclubs, cafes, beauty salons.

Sixth-aluminum option modules. This type of ceiling can not be distinguished in appearance from the mirror, glass modules. Aluminum slats and panels have different shapes, they can be painted in glossy color or golden brown. Mirror rack ceiling - an expensive option for the bathroom, but the most reliable and beautiful.

Use a little imagination and you will create in my house kind of atmosphere of glossy ceilings that will always feel the space and light in his apartment.
Both by making the suspended ceiling with a pattern night sky
Suspended ceiling with a starry sky looks very fairy, suitable for both the nursery and the bedroom.

Many people use these ceilings for a more interesting interior room. In addition, the starry sky in the stretch ceilings can do anything. What pattern do you want, so be it. But in more detail, we now talk specifically about the starry sky. There are two ways to create such a ceiling.

Method one - a pierced fabric. This technology encompasses the holes made on the tensioning ceiling to jam through individual optical fibers. After that, from the wrong side of the web, all the glue in order to better hold and the front side clipped all of the fibers so that they are equal. After that, when you turn on the light, you will see a fabulous starry sky on your ceiling - it will be a lot of little lights. In this method can be applied decorative crystal attachments - scatterers.

The second way - without puncturing the web. This sophisticated technology. Therefore, to use better fabrics with fine texture. In this method, the starry sky is done in several stages. First the false ceiling, which advance a drawing of the sky. Further drilled holes at predetermined pattern through which the fiber strand is pulled.

After the end of the threads are cut and pasted. Such ceilings daytime look quite normally as they do not have any piercings or visible tips of fiber optic strands.
To create a star projector ceiling there are two options - a halogen and LED lamps.
In a halogen projector is equipped with one interesting moment it has a rotating color filter that rotates silently at a predetermined rate, thereby making the starry sky "live".

Starry sky on the ceiling is created using the halogen projector

LED projectors are expensive, but make it more realistic ceiling. Here, the projector is controlled by a controller, which may include a variety of programs, such as the rotation of the galaxy meteor rain, etc.

Starry sky on the ceiling is created using LED projector

Ceilings often such effects are very expensive and many people simply can not afford it, but do not worry, because the starry sky can be done yourself. If you purchase a projector and an optical fiber, it can do the starry sky on any outboard, in principle, design: PVC, plasterboard, plywood, etc. Also make holes in the beams of light that pass fibers.

For a more realistic effect of the ceiling is pasted over with photo wallpapers or wallpaper with the image of the sky. Draw themselves stars and the moon, but, if you wish, using a fluorescent dye. During the day it will not be visible, but when night falls it will light up, and so you get your piece of heaven in his room.

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