How to put the correct laminate on the floor with their hands

Laminate - a wooden floor covering, which is formed on the basis of high-density fiberboard. Laminate - abrasion resistant, environmentally beneficial to human health, resistant to various spots, good thermal insulation, sound insulation, easy installation. Resistant to ultraviolet rays. It is easy to remove various contaminants such as paint. Just for the laminate do not need special care. We laminate a wide variety of colors and shades. Is resistant to indentation.

classes laminate

Laminate according to their quality is divided into classes. There are four main classes of laminate. 21,22,23,31-this class is for home use. You can use it where there is the least load on it, such as a bedroom.

32 This class is used also for home use, but with the increased load on it, such as the hall.

33 this class is for commercial use, but with a small load. e.g. less-visited rooms.

34 this class is the most durable .Imenno about him say he -iznosostoyky. For home use it is best to use the class above. laminate construction

laminate assembly consists of 5 layers. The first layer is an upper layer of acrylic resin or melamine. This coating protects the board from impact, abrasion. Second layer - a decorative layer which consists of paper on which a figure. The third layer is a film through which moisture resistance is increased. The fourth layer is the carrier. As the carrier layer is thermally insulating and noise insulation. This layer is performed based on ductile fiberboard. The fifth layer is another layer of water-resistant paper. This paper is durable. Also, this layer protects against the deformation of the board.

Before you start laying it is necessary to prepare the surface. The surface should be smooth, free of defects and irregularities. After the floor or any other base to prepare a laminate, it is necessary to lay a moisture resistant material. it is necessary especially when the laminate is placed on a concrete floor or tiles. Most often used for insulation cork polyethylene. He is good and exactly fits and aligns the base. Just cork polyethylene - humidity resistant.

Next, over the substrate laid laminate. Laying begin from the far corner of the room. Boards are joined with each other, as parquet -paz and groove. care laminate Laminate - this unpretentious wooden floor. Laminate does not require for a special care. Dust and grit can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Once a week should do wet cleaning with a damp microfibre mops

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